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Phasing out Points just announced today that they are phasing out the current points system that has been used to distribute earnings to users from the fund. TheRandomRewarder bot will soon take over completely from the points system that is currently being phased out over the next 5 days or so. From what I understand, the bot is only tipping content that it is programmed to find appropriate and of a certain standard. This all sounds fine but I am sure there are many members who are being rewarded for interaction and not content. Content has value because it has interaction.

I am currently wondering if the fund will continue to reward interaction via the bot or if the bot will only be tipping content. I am not sure how this is going to play out, so I am not going to make any hasty judgements regarding this recent adjustment. It is a two edged sword though, as users mostly interact because they are incentivized to and this can often lead to tons of spam.

On the other hand, will users continue to interact if there is no reward? A lot of great quality posts without any interaction kind of defeats the point, so like I said I will wait and see how the community responds to this change. 

What The Bot Will Not Tip

This is rather an extensive list so let's hear it straight from the recent article introducing TheRandomRewarder.

  • Articles about giveaways, contests;

  • Articles about "I'm new", "Subscribe me", "Support me" (use short posts for these, but I don't promise I'll tip those)

  • Articles that are questions, like "How do I get sponsors?", "How to get more upvotes?", etc... (Use short posts for these, but I don't promise I'll tip those)

  • Articles about points and/or how to earn more;
    How to earn more? Write interesting articles! Avoid writing articles about itself. That's all you need to know.

  • Articles about faucets, scams, articles with referral links; If you are trying to make a quick buck using users - you suck!

  • Actually, most likely any article about ("Why sucks" "Here are my 52 ideas on how to make better)
    Oh, I especially don't like when you talk about "RC fam".
    Actually, I dislike it even when you call "RC" - are you too lazy to type 9 letters? It's (lowercase);

  • "Good morning", "Good evening", "God bless everyone", etc... Oh, seriously?! Do you even know what an article is?

  • Photos. Articles with photos as the main subject. Especially if you publish photos that aren't yours - after this I might not tip you at all;

  • Non-EXC content. Articles that were published somewhere else. Sorry, guys and girls, but for me it's original content or nothin'!
    Post on first if you want my tips!
    No "EXC" mark - no tip.

  • Stolen photos. If you post a photo that is not yours and claim that it's yours - welcome to my blacklist! No tips from me forever!

  • Article factories. If you post a lot of articles per day... I'm pretty suspicious.. How can one person write 10 articles per day is beyond my understanding. The obvious explanation is that you didn't write them, but took somewhere!

  • Spinning and transactions. If I catch you publishing "spinned" articles (where you send your article to a program that replaces all words with synonyms) or articles/new stories translated from other sites in other languages - welcome to my blacklist!

  • Cheating. Actually, any kind of cheating (like "sub you sub me back", upvoting groups, etc...) disgusts me, so I'll keep my blacklist nearby. Or, like, if you create a new account and upvote yourself!

As you can see, this is a very thorough list that in many cases looks great but may be a bit extreme to begin with. Personally, I would have introduced these changes over time. I have run and owned businesses for many years and one of the most important aspects of taking over a new enterprise is to never rock the boat too much at the onset but to rather introduce your desired changes over time.

Any business exists because of people and you need to ensure that you implement your changes with them in mind.

This is just my approach but perhaps this approach will work for We will have to wait and see. I am pretty interested to know what the current users of think about this sudden shift. Feel free to leave your opinion.



Technically Product
22 Sep

'Articles that are questions' seems a strange exclusion. A lot of brilliant articles (and how-to guides etc) have a rhetorical question as the title.



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