Reach for the skies

It isn't hard to reach for the stars if you put your mind to it, right? You can grab the clouds and the stars if you really want it.

I have my piece of the sky in an old bucket which I have left in the my pergola to collect rain water for my African Violets.

When I was in the pergola some time ago looking at the birds I saw this still refection in the water. My Chinese hat (plant) was reflected so clearly in the water as were the fluffy clouds in the sky. I agree the bucket has collected loads of moss and looks rather dirty, but it was worth the short. I loved what I saw. 

preview not available


Below is another picture of the clouds in my waterlily tub. The gingergrass near the tub is reflected on one side while the clouds are reflected from another. I always need to lay some bamboo sticks across my lilytub or else the pigeons bathe in them and mess up the plants and crush the blooms.

preview not available

Photography is fun when you do what is different and unconventional. There are opportunities all around and there is beauty in everything.

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Hafeez Rehman
23 Jan

An attractive picture and Reflection is clearly showing the cloudy sky.

The photographer always in search of a scene that attracts people's consideration toward their pictures.


Tahir Naveed
23 Jan

Absolute photography is fun if we do different and unconventional .Beauty is all around us and in everything .Photography is good hobby.


akmal ali
23 Jan

this photography is very good and it looks like a different kind of pictures

Man can reach the heavens if he works hard. He should always work hard and you will be rewarded for the hard work you put in.


Suman Naz
23 Jan

What a beautiful photography.

This is too much attractive. You always make a beautiful photo. You are a good photographer. I really like all the pictures. White clouds look so lovely on the blue sky.


Ashfaq Muhammad Khan
23 Jan

Great photography. You have used your skill to bring out your ability. 







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