RAWW I'M A DANGEROUS TIGER! ~ Creative Photography

Interests and hobbies enlighten your personality and I love being close to nature and pets especially Cats & Kittens. As you all know from my previous posts I've been sharing snaps of my cat and her kittens. I like the way when they follow me when I go to the market or wondering in my garden I've been training then a bit like steps movement so they lie on where they are standing although they are not full indoor pets as my mum won't like them wondering in our home so I've made the space in servant quarter of our home which is supposed to be empty because we have no servants living in our house as we four brothers works like the servant in our own house haha. 


Cats and kittens are supposed to be very lazy all day yawning and especially when I go out I see them yawning. Like in this snap I was waiting for it to yawn so I can snap it, haha it's hard and one has to wait because we can't conversate more frequently with outdoor pets especially. I've been capturing alike snaps in the past too let me share you one which I've posted before as well :) 

This snap was so unique even I was amazed at how I captured that lol. Sorry for those who don't like cats and kittens this post is not for you I've heard kittens are considered as an evil spirit in some part of the world so I'm not here to scare you lol I love them. 

Let's head towards Caption. 


I find this caption so cute and inspiring and I love to share what I think about it. Although you know it's not a tiger but seems like it is from the facial expression you know kittens are not dangerous but sometimes they act like they have real power just like that you can never underestimate your power you can be a kitten in someone else mind but you never know there is a tiger in yourself which needs a little push or "Motivation" to roar and conquer your dreams and goals. I feel like everything here is for a reason if someone says "I'm good or bad for no reason? Then he/she must be disturbed or frustrated" 


My kitten is patiently waiting for comment and is watching the comments section. Let's hear your thoughts about this post :) 

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The caption is taken from Pinterest

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Picture Captured by ME

^ N A V I ~



Amber Kashif
15 Jan

I read the title then saw the picture. Got confused. What kinda tiger it is. Then I realized oh it is a cat. 

Mmmmm. I think the cats arround you are lasier ones. Hehehe. Those cats that are arround us, I haven't seen them yawning. 

The header and the last image, both are cuuuuuute.


Adegbe Gift
15 Jan

Your photography is very beautiful lover of cat and kitten, actually in Nigeria we barely use cat as pet, because people always assume all to be witchcraft, because is commonly used by them too, but as for me I don't consider all to be evil.


Sajal Munir
15 Jan

Ommgg your photography shows your love for animals especially kittens.you do not believe navi sir I love cats  too much and I have also a pet cat in  my home.these cats are lpoking  lovely


preview not available Navi .
15 Jan

I believe you love cats you're so lucky to have them in your home :) 


Uwem Ekanem
15 Jan

Wow. The photography is so amazing. Your cat is well captured. Nature bring us to so many beautiful things and this really shows how much you love animals. The photography is very attractive and I really appreciate your great efforts in bring out this.


Umar Khan
15 Jan

Wow sir your photography is the really amazing. Your kitten looks so beautiful.. photography and the beauty of nature often win the heart of man..







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