Romana Grubesic Romana Grubesic
08 Sep
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Rapids - winners on Uptrennd Twitter voting contest!

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Lisa R 6 months ago

Nice review...thank you Romana and Uptrennd ?

If anyone has any questions, feel free to join us in Telegram

Team and community are there to help you and each other

Romana Grubesic 6 months ago

Thank you! As i wrote on one of your posts here on Uptrennd, we are very glad to have you here with us :) congrats on a great project! And take care about your community-they are just...great!

Julio Crypto 6 months ago

Hi Lisa, I always follow your work on the $ RPD group and on social media.

I will follow you and hope to see your content as you have a lot of knowledge to share.

Probably soon Elena will write an article about you, she is dedicated to show the success story of women in this wonderful world we are in.

ATMODEPTH #Indiegamedev 4 months ago

Yes, it's cool! This is exactly what we need here ;-)


Ansir Ali 6 months ago

Great Super Amazing Project ,Hope will change soon crypto trend in future on a new way.Looking very promising ,Like this project always hit the moon trend.A super powerful project  of The Future

Danyo Yo 6 months ago

Great review, as always, this seem like a promising project, I will check it.

Romana Grubesic 6 months ago

Thnx Danyo! It is worth checking for sure.

Salena Billings 6 months ago

Excellent and indepth overview Romana! Again showing everyone in our community not only how to write a quality OC post, but also why Rapids won the Twitter voting contest!

I have a question since I've been working on gathering info for my next post: What would you conclude about a project that was being covered by Medium for months but suddenly received this statement "The publishing platform Medium has suspended our news & opinion content without explanation"?

Perhaps I need to pick another topic or find out why Medium is no longer covering it hmmm..

Romana Grubesic 6 months ago

Or maybe you should switch to Uptrennd completely :)


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