Rapids Network - September 2020 Review

Hello, Good evening to all of you!

Welcome to this new Review of the news of Rapids, discover in this article all the highlights of our community which grows day by day, for the month of September 2020. 

This month is undoubtedly one of the most important month of this year 2020 (in addition to the second anniversary of Rapids which took place in August), because we had announced it to you since a few months while remaining relatively vague on the subject, and at the request of the community, Rapids Network organized a live, on Wednesday September 30, its Burn of 5 000 000 000 $RPD, video that you can find on this link 

After the festivities of last July and August, we decided to take a little rest, to quietly set up the planning of the events for September, starting with the publication of the "Rapids 2nd Anniversary" Report, with beautiful stats, graphics, and relevant information, embellished with the Scores on LunarCrush Highs, which confirms us that this event was a success and above all people were receptive to Rapids Network.

To have more information about the Rapids Mobile Wallet, we have uploaded the 'Rapids Wallet Listing Deck', which you can view here and download the PDF format, detailing all the features of the Mobile Wallet, as well as how to use them.

For all users of Rapids.Host, our Staking & Masternode Hosting Service, we now allow you to Host your own BigDataCash Masternode, with a 5000 BDcash Airdrop for the Holders of this Masternode (few days later).

It is also in September, while Rapids.Host has only been online for a few months, that we announce you to have exceeded the milestone of more than 400 Rapids (RPD) Masternodes hosted on the platform.  As a reminder, Hosting your Masternode on Rapids.Host, costs only 0.99€ per month, which makes our platform, the cheapest Masternodes Hosting service online.

The more the days advance in the months, and the more the news around the imminent RPD Burn is in full swing, you could discover our Trailer from Smart on this event, video that you can see, or watch again on Youtube

Burnley FC, our partner BOA, the UK Premier League soccer team, also gave us a nice surprise, displaying a huge banner in the 22,000-seat Turf Moor Stadium. A banner proudly displaying the colors of Rapids, presenting our Mobile Wallet (which you can download on your Android & iOS Store), and which will be visible to millions of soccer fans around the world.

We have also organized new AMAs, including the first of the month with The Generals, with $100 equivalent in $RPD reward for the best questions asked, and an other AMA with Crypto Mantra

We have also announced a new Listing, you can now exchange your Rapids (RPD) on CoinsBit exchange.

We have also generously provided DayZ players with a Giveaway for their gamers for a few days, all they had to do was scan the QR code that appears in the game's scenery to enjoy the gifts.

Finally comes the last days of the month, which is accompanied by a series of 7 articles written and published by BryRi, under the theme 'Burn Clock', which you can consult, read and reread on Publish0x :


Here we are on September 30th, the ultimate date of Rapids (RPD) Burn, in the presence of the entire Rapids Network team, as well as a all communities around the world. Smart, host of the $5 Billion $RPD Burn live event, offers us a unique moment, a video that you can see or watch again on Youtube!

Each month Rapids works for the Community, and all its members to expand, and bring you always more News, Events, Highlights, Games, Gifts, etc. .... And it's not going to stop soon 

We can never thank you enough, all this is made possible thanks to you, through your support, and your presence. 

We look forward to seeing you in October for the Halloween festivities, which this year promises to be grandiose


See you Soon

Rapids Network


Thank you all for your continued support to the network.

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Rapids Network (RPD) is a community-oriented and decentralized blockchain that is focused on integrating widgets into mainstream social media platforms to facilitate the sending and receiving cryptocurrencies amongst friends, family, colleagues, B2C, B2B and B2B E-Commerce. It utilizes a two-tiered, energy efficient network that combines a Proof of Stake (PoS) 3.0 protocol, for the creation of new blocks and the security of the network, and a Masternode network to enhance the stability, provide functionalities, and community-based governance. Rapids Network's executive team is located in the US and the UK. The Rapids Network plans to support other blockchains in the future to offer social interoperability alongside scalability to existing public blockchains. Rapids Network is officially registered in the European country Estonia as a payment system. License FIU14645841.


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