Rape that destroys home

Armrobbers visited a couple and the leader of the gang decided to rape the lady infront of the husband, at first the lady was crying because she didn't want the robber to have sex with her especially infront of her husband. 

When the criminal undressed her, he first started sucking everything on her body and the lady started vibrating with her mouth wide open. 

After some minutes of sucking and kissing, the lady couldn't control herself but started shouting softly" please fuck me now I can't control this anymore" 😱

The husband couldn't believe the wife action so he shouted at her,  "Don't tell me you are enjoying that, you never tell me that when we are making love" 

The criminal as a gentleman who obeys instructions listen to the lady and wanted to wear a condom to have sex with the lady but she told the armrobber to go on and do like that without protection. 🤣

Her husband hearing this started crying and promises to deal with the wife. 

The armrobber wasted no time but started banging the lady,  20minutes past,  30, 45, 1 hour the armrobber was still drilling the lady and this time the lady couldn't control the moanings😸

She was moaning so hard as if it wasn't a rape... The lady husband was watching in disbelief because he never spent 20minutes on top of his precious wife and now a criminal is riding his wife for more than 1hour.

Finally the criminal was cumming at the same time the lady was cumin too and for the fifth time and they both scream so hard as the cum together.

It was a kind of sex the lady never had before,  after the great sex the lady pretended to be crying again as the armrobbers left their home. The furious husband in anger ask the wife to pack her things and leave his home immediately that she's a prostitute. 

He accused the wife for enjoying the rape and moaning hard to provoke him. Do you think the husband is overreacting? Remember it was a rape. 

The man's wife is really confused about the husband behavior because she claim it was a rape and it's not her fault the criminal raped her. 

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Godswill Johnson
10 Nov


At first I wanted calling it a rape case but at the end of everything it wasn't a case of rape but fun to the lady.

She seems to have enjoyed every bit of it from view. And that implies her husband was lacking on some bed romance.

Sending her packing shouldn't have been his next action as a sensible man, with the experience he got from the scene of the robbers he should have known what he's not doing right.


Michael Gimba
10 Nov

I don't believe there is anything called rape in marriage so long as you are officially married. Well maybe the husband is overreacting that I agreed


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