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Ramzan 💕 The month of Blessings 😇

Asslam O Alaikum everyone..

We have entered the holy month of Ramzan,  AlhamduliLLAH we are blessed to see this month 😇

Those are lucky who are still healthy and alive in this pandemic. 

Ramzan is the Holy month in which Muslims fast. 

The fast starts from sunrise and ends when the sun sets. Muslims don't eat or drink anything during this time ❤

This is a month of blessings for all of us that gives us the lesson of patience and to understand the pain of those people who can't get food. 

Today is 4th day of Ramzan,  Muslims all over the world are fasting.  

I am going to share my Ramzan routine .


Sehri starts at midnight before sunrise,  we get up at 3am at night to cook for ourselves. Usually I used to cook at this time,  I used to spend my whole night staying up using my phone or reciting QURAN. and then when it's mid night I used to cook for my family. 

but nowadays as I am teaching and I have to wakeup early to go to school for my duty so my younger sister prepare the sehri and then wake me up 💕

In sehri all family members eat together,  I'll share a picture of what we prefer to eat in sehri. 

This is our sehri menu that gives us energy throughout the day. Many people eat fruits and homemade spicy food too,  but I like it this way as it's both yummy and healthy .

After finishing my sehri I get up and then recite Quran. 

Image source ​​​

After reciting the Holy Quran we offer prayer and then go back to sleep again. 

at morning I wakeup at 7:15 am and everyone else sleeps😭 Until last ramzan I used to wakeup at noon time but now I have to go to school so have to wakeup early. I get ready and then go to school,  follow my routine their,  thank God we are taking online classes so the day goes well. 

​After coming back I offer my prayer and then go to sleep. 

After resting for half an hour I wakeup,  get freshand then go to kitchen to help my mother. 

I help her in cooking as I am a good cook too 🙈

​After that we all sat togather and wait for the AZAN. 


We pray for everyone at that time,  as this time is very precious for all of Muslims ❤After hearing azan we start eating . I am going to share a glance of our iftar. 

​After eating together,  everyone offer their prayers and then at that time I take some rest as I can't get up after iftar🤣

​My eyes will open with a cup of strong tea made by my younger sister 😋

Then I take my mobile and surf on social media for sometime. 

Then we get up to offer our Isha prayer and taraweeh , My father and brothers go to near by masque. 

​And then I use my mobile until I fell asleep,  and then have to wakeup for the Sehri to repeat the whole routine again🤩

This was my entry for the contest by @Hafsa Mansoor,  if you want to participate then click ​Here​​​.

May ALLAH bless us all in this Holy month of Ramzan and bring happiness,  health and peace to the  world❤

​Remember me in your prayers 😇

image source : The title image is taken from canva,  the one is taken from pexels I have shared the link below the picture,  and the pic of sehri and iftar are taken by me.



Asher Rasheed
17 Apr

Best of luck for your entry.Ramadan is a great blessing of Almighty Allah.We should pray a lot in Ramadan, ask Allah for forgiveness and help the poor and needy.


Abubakar Usman
17 Apr

This is so delicious yummy and tasty food most especially in this month of Ramadan. Thanks for sharing this Ramadan tips with us.


Muhammad Shahzaib
17 Apr

In the holy month of Ramzan our daily routine becomes more busy. Its a month of blessings we should spend it in worshipping. Best of luck for the contest


Zeehsan Ashraf
17 Apr

Absolutely, RAMADAN is blessing for us to do good deeds. This is month of glory and faith. We should keep fast and Pray. Quran is the best way to spend Ramadan. I'll Pray for you, as well as world. Please keep us in your prayers as well. Thanks


Chidiebere Christian
17 Apr

Am really joining all Muslims to pray that God make may hear our prayers and open the doors of heaven for us all.

I really like the food you displayed on the table. The Islamic culture is really fascinating. 

Ramzam Mubarak to you all







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