"Ramadan is coming "

It's a Friday feeling in this part of the world after a long stressfully week.

Thanks God it's Friday, weekend is here to take break from the busy weekdays, not for all though.

Jumaah Mubarak to all of my adorable Muslim brother and sister in this platform.

Guess what

What we all have been waiting for is near.

The month if Ramadan is near.

We're exactly 10 or 11 days  away from the holy month, one of the very best of month for Muslims across globe including me👳, in which  we take part in the 30 days obligatory fast making supplications , sharing un endless love and care to everyone near and far.

We all anticipate to the start of the month we get closer to the supreme being and leave all of our heartburns to him to answer to.

I really miss having Ramadan fast at home ,it's been close to 5 years I last had one, miss the last hour rush to fill up the food ware house, the un ending greetings, love and care.

I pray Allah spare our lives to witness this coming one.

Ramadan is coming

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Saima Idrees
02 Apr

Ramadan is holy month and also blessing for all the Muslim.... Its a month in which Allah Almighty reward you your good deed 70 fold more than the normal deed.... so try to soend your month in great virtues..... give maximum charity and offer prayers.... 

Also be kind with the people.....

stay blessed.....


Adetola Muheez
02 Apr

Wow..you just mentioned it all

Waiting for the month patiently

Thanks for coming around


Lubna Rafaqat
02 Apr

Most awaited month of yeaar is about yo come. May Allah showers His blessings on us.


Adetola Muheez
02 Apr

Ameen dear.

The month is near


Babar Ali
02 Apr

Ramdan has great importance for all muslims

Ramdan is a month of doing great deeds


Adetola Muheez
02 Apr

A month of blessing I call it


Awais Babu
02 Apr

Ramadan is Holly month forall Muslim ummah we all Muslim need to help all needy and poor neighbor Almighty Allah bless all of us in Ramadan month Ameen...


Adetola Muheez
02 Apr

Yes mate

Waiting Patiently for the holy month where the needy gets alot of love


Minahil Khan
02 Apr

Yeah Ramdan month is a blessing month for Muslims ,

In this month we say our prayers and also we realized about poor and hungry people ,

And mostly we become excited to hear that Ramdan is coming ✌️😇😇😇


Adetola Muheez
02 Apr

Very exciting month alot to gain

May He accept all our act as ibaadah







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