Quick reminder for everyone

Hello everyone

I hope you are doing good and safe in your homes using uptrennd.

As u all know that, Xmas/ugly sweater contest was held by me.

First of all, let me answer some FAQs.

  • Ugly sweater doesn't mean dirty sweaters or old sweater. Ugly sweater is a term also used for Xmas sweaters.

  • It is not obligatory for everyone that he or she must  participate but, I will recommend you all to be part of happiness of others and it will give you internal pleasure.

  • If you don't have Xmas sweaters coz uptrennd has people from different religions, then just design a sweater on any application.

  • ​ If you want to see an example then 

  • ​​Click here ​​​

If you want to participate or want further information then 

​​Click here ​​​

Yours only, 

            Kamran Akbar



Amal Fatima
15 Dec

Thanks for describing it and giving us example. 

I got it. 

Thanks for reminding about it. 

I definitely participated in it. 🙂


Maham Javed
15 Dec

Thanks for reminding me coz I forget Now I will come with great entry thanks again 


Tayyab Hasnain
15 Dec

Wow..I don't know about Xmas shirt ...

At first, I thought, it would be ugly ( so I can participate by wearing an old shirt of mine), but then I checked the link...

I would try to design Xmas shirt and try to win this contest as this is really wonderful opportunity. 


George Dee
15 Dec

That was my thoughts before but I just choose to design something nice for the contest.

Good to know I am on the right track 


George Dee
15 Dec

I already submitted my entry and it was huge fan participating in the contest because it involves lot of creativity.

I now understand what the term ugly sweater means.


Hedayat Ullah
15 Dec

Xmas Sweater...🤔 it's something damn new for me. I'll love to discover something about it. And will participate after measuring my knowledge about it. Let me discover 







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