Questions being asked to by Emaan Ali^=my opinions

Are you ready to get the questions being answered by me; let's get started!

What do you know about uptrennd;

By me the platform where creativeness; talent is being shared along with freedom of speech is Uptrennd. It was founded to assist the skillful people who can't partake on a larger platform thereby here they can earn and learn very well because of their skill and innovation,

The thing you liked on uptrennd?

For me the most amazing stuff on Uptrennd is the multiple numbers of communities; you have the freedom to bestow in each community of your preference;

Secondly, I like the idea of publishing; go and search your name on google along with the name of uptrennd! You will find your publications being secured in your name. That means they are being authenticated and only belongs to you.

 The thing which you don't like on uptrennd?

I don't like the spam comments seriously they irritate me a lot; the writer has put his\her creativity and you are doing spamming; I want to bang such people if I would be authorized.

The thing you are finding on Uptrennd?

I am finding here the foundation of knowledge; I wouldn't hesitate to tell you that I have been peeking for the best blogging experience and guidance and this craze makes me introduced to Uptennd.

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The best Utrennd User according to you?

This is a complicated question but let me limit it to a single person; cheers for Mahnoor Danish; she is that loyal; an active and innovative user who always comes with unique and remarkable stuff.

The changes which you want for Uptrennd?

I want the leaderboard to return to its previous position.

Secondly, the limit of withdrawal should be considered again as far as I think this is much higher and needs much effort for the new strugglers.

Thirdly I want a video tutorial for the users who are not familiar with the rules and regulations of Uptrennd; I have done an effort from my side to guide them but instead of wandering here and there for help they should be provided a gift from Uptrennd in the form of the video tutorial.

The best gift or memory you got from Uptrennd?

I guess this list is going to be prolonged as I have success stories being attached here, but when some mention me in his | her comment it becomes a gift for me. But the time when I got my name in the dean list made by honorable mam Marianne West; was the best memory for me.

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The best person whom you met on Uptrennd?

Again I have numerous Persons in this uptrennd family but I would put the spotlight on Arslan; I have a shortage of words to explain the qualities of this person but his devotion; allegiance; respect; supervision makes me stuns each time; Mmm wordless 🤭

Which lesson did you get through your mistake on uptrennd?

To be honest, I haven't made such a misstep on which I should feel regret, but yes after taking part in much contest I have learned many things especially the recent contest by Emaan mam instructed me that stick with the point😁as I was being disqualified for not getting to a precise point. I have discovered a lot from this.

What do you learn from this worldwide platform?

This one is my favorite question; this is my first time on any social media site; I was nervous to communicate, but now I am confident about the skills and creativity I have ;

I don't dare to express my views in front of the World because I have learned how to share my thoughts; I got better guts to tackle people; I know very well how to encourage; motivate and inspire people;

Last but not least I have grabbed the best blogging experience here.

How uptrennd has brought positivity in you?

When you realize the management of time; the value of capabilities positivity is automatically brought in your life; so uptrennd has successfully done this element in my personality; Uptrennd made me realize how to appreciate and encourage others; many starts can shine in the galaxy at the same time so instead of jealousy let's shine together.

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The header image is designed by me in Canva.

Badges are the gift of Uptrennd University to me.

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Raazi Khan
07 Jan

Uptrennd is like a family for us. This us great contest arranged by Emaan Ali. It is good to pomote awearness about uptrennd.


Ayesha Umar
07 Jan

Uptrend is a site where we have the freedom to speak and we have the opportunity to learn and enhance our abilities here ....

  withdrawal on the upland is a big problem, 3000 withdrawal rate is very high, it should be low ....

  Best wishes for the competition


Ayesha Malik
07 Jan

Indeed, many users are facing this serious issue;

I am hopeful that soon uptrennd team will ponder regarding this point;

Thanks for your time and contribution dear💝


Ayesha Umar
07 Jan

Welcome dear

 INSHALLAH.uptrennd team will ponder soon regarding this point


Muhammad Waqas
07 Jan

You answered all the questions well & gave your suggestion to improve this platform. 

Really uptrennd is best platform to learn & earn..It improves our abilities. 

Good luck for contest.


Areej Raheel
08 Jan

Nice addition. Good answers with pics or monograms. 

Sensable answers and views about uptrennd. 

Good luck for your participation







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