Questions answer about uptrennd ~ contest by Emaan Ali

💝Asalam o alaikum dear uptrenndians i hope you are doing good 💝

Here i am participating in another contest by Emaan Ali this time she has given us questions woww something unique for me....

Let's start ...

Q.1: What You Know About Uptrennd?

I have spent a good time at uptrennd from the very first day till now my knowledge is increased about uptrennd..

Emaan ali bring me to this platform ...

So uptrennd is very famous and super trending platform of earning in many countries it pays for our writings and efforts the condition is we must write quality content...

Q.2: The thing which you liked most on Uptrennd?

There are alot of things that i like but most of them best thing is that we can write anything that comes in our mind what we see what are our experiences about games fashion cooking everything is appreciated here and everytime we get support and guideline from each other...

Q.3: The thing which you don't like On Uptrennd?

Honestly a one thing that hurts me is the people who want to earn without hard work and efforts and those people who feel jealous from other's success they try to threat by giving downvotes on quality post and that's the bad thing otherwise our platform and family members are very supportive and friendly...

Q.4: You are finding which thing on Uptrennd?

These days many old and best creative writers have left platform don't know why may ne because of price of 1up or any other reason i am trying to find out best write ups which i loved to read in 2020 i want them back here soon.

Q.5: The Best Uptrennd User according to you?

Everyone is doing great and putting all there efforts appreciating them from core of my heart and according to me best users are those who are still here even after very low price they didn't left uptrennd family because they have faith in uptrennd...

Q.6: The changes which you want on Uptrennd?

There must be a weekly leaderboard or reward for best qualiy creators so that quality could ne appteciated and every member will work hard to get that reward... one more thing i want is that the maximum amount of withdraw should ne decreased as it's really hard to get points in current situation...

Q.7: The best gift/memory you got from Uptrennd?

Best thing is always my first earning which i got from this platform i will never ever forget that though it was very small amount but that money was my own i earned it from my hard work and i really felt proud of myself after this....

Q.8: The best person to whom you met on Uptrennd?

Uptrennd gave me so many best people i am really blessed with them i wish i could mention all of them there are some girls and some boys in my list including from A to Z they really care for me just like @hameed is a person who become my friend brother father mother everyone he was always there for me when i felt alone

 and from old days i got a friend @arslan who motivated me like a teacher and i will call a best person because he listened to me when i was silent and he told me some stories and islamic words to motivate me and still he guides me when ever i need him...

Q.9: Which lesson you got through your mistakes on Uptrennd?

Life is a platform of mistakes and wise person is that who learns from mistakes as i was a newbie i did some mistakes and my brother our senior guardian @navi guided me after that i have never repeated that mistake again even if sometimes i will do any mistake i can assure that i will learn from it and never repeat..

Q.10: What you learned through this worldwide Platform?

A long list of things but most importantly mu English language is improved and my writing skills are polished now i can write my thoughts into creative words and I'm thankful to uptrennd for this gift...


Q.11: How Uptrennd Brought Positivity in your Life?

Before coming to this platform i was the girl who wasted time in useless things like games and other things i didn't knew what can i do to utilize my precious time uptrennd made me a creative writer and a calm person ..

Positivity is like before coming here whenever i felt depressed i used to take pills and fall asleep but now when something wrong happens i take my phone and start writing whatever comes in my mind this way i fight with my mental issues and relax my mind ..

This was all about questions and answers hope you have enjoyed reading..

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Safari Bangz
06 Jan

Wow I don't know what else to say to you but I wish you well in the contest.  I hope you win. Well as for me my writer on Uptrennd are those who didn't give up on Uptrennd when everything was tough here


Amjad Ali Waince
06 Jan

You done in morvolus way all the questions . Answer sheet is absolutely stunning with purity and loyalty. 

Best wishes for the contest.

Stay blessed.


06 Jan

You have answered all these questions in a very good way.. Uptrennd is a great platform for all of us.. and we should all take part in this great opportunity..


Saima Idrees
06 Jan

Your all views about the uptrennd are very Amazing.... we all are like a family memebers and known many people here, they alla re nice and sincere and good in their behaviour and attitude...

I wish you besy of luck for the contest...

Stay blessed dear


Chidiebere Christian
06 Jan

I really love how you simplified everything on Uptrennd that you have seen..I wish you well in the contest







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