Question by Guardian @Emaan Ali- Answers by me

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The Questions Are:

Q.1: What You Know About Uptrennd?

My Answer- as much I know Uptrennd is the site that creates an ERC-20 token (Native ERC 20 Token). The token is all about the upvoting system and generated as Uptrennd’s digital currency. However, Uptrennd works like a social media website which rewards its content writers as well that makes comment, vote thus helps to produce 1UP token itself by building in incentive structures that reward both content creators and users who engage with content.

Q.2: The thing which you liked most on Uptrennd?

My Answer- I like it for its flexibility. I can write about anything on this site, including articles, upload images, in the photography section, and even make videos of my favorite activities. And also, I even get rewarded for every activity that I do on this site.   

Q.3: The thing which you don’t like On Uptrennd?

My Answer- I will have to think about this point. No, there is nothing in particular that I dislike about Uptrennd apart from we cannot see our down voters as we can see our upvoters. This will discourage the people that downvote for no reason.

Q.4: You are found which thing on Uptrennd?

My Answer- am on various websites, but I seldom came across people from Africa and some parts of Asia as I am finding most of them here on this site. And to top it all they are interesting, educated and lovely people.

Q.5: The Best Uptrennd User according to you?

My Answer- Isn’t it a tricky question? If I say I like A then B will feel bad and if I say B then A will react the same way. But, if I have to name one I will name Jeff Kirdeikis as the best Uptrennd user for the obvious reason- he developed this site.

Q.6: The changes which you want on Uptrennd?

My Answer-  would like to see a couple of changes, like there should be three rows of articles on the homepage. I mean we do not have to change from top to popular and popular to new but all three should run simultaneously.  

Q.7: The best gift/memory you got from Uptrennd?

My Answer- I get the best gift every day from Uptrennd in the form of Upvotes from various users including guardians so I need nothing else but if you ask me in particular, then when I received two levels up from Jeff Kirdeikis that took me from 18 to 20 overnight.

Q.7: The best person to whom you met on Uptrennd?

My Answer- The best person I met on Uptrennd? Sorry for me all persons are best on Uptrennd for they all give me equal affection so I will name no one in particular.

Q.8: Which lesson you got through your mistakes on Uptrennd?

My Answer This one is easy for me- I got my first lesson on day-1 itself. Actually, the person that introduced me to this site did not give proper feedback, so I posted my first post in the Bitcoin category that had nothing to do with cryptocurrency. 

A moderator came immediately and said, “Hey buddy this is not a bitcoin post” I apologized and promised to change the category but before I could do that Automod did that and left a message, “I corrected the category for you and took a little fee for that”. My account said -5 points. So, I started with -5 points and never did that mistake again.  

However, recently the Automod struck again and deducted my 10 points for a post in the general community and placed in the health community that had nothing to do with the health topics.

Q.9 What you learned through this worldwide Platform?

My Answer- I learned a lot and being a student of Uptrennd University; I learned a little more. I am writing for various websites in different capacities for a long time but I had never used GIFs on my posts. Now I know how to use gifs on articles, although I don’t do that on my normal posts.

I knew how to make videos, but now I have learned to edit videos as well. I have posted a couple of videos on this site I have edited and given my voice. I have even received two rewards for video making.

Q.10: How Uptrennd Brought Positivity in your Life?

My Answer- I am a born positive person with an ability to grasp positivity from all sources, so when I see something positive I immediately jump and grab it. I have learned the art of interaction early in my career being a marketing professional, and I have worked on it further on Uptrennd. 

I have also learned to keep my cool, even if someone wants to provoke me early in my career and practicing on that and refining it here daily. I am sure I will keep working on my attitude to become a successful and popular member of this site.

Thank you for reading my answers patiently!

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RinNy Mboro
05 Jan

You really took time to answer these questions and i particularly love the reply you gave about what you learned through this worldwide platform

Uptrennd has been a great platform and i look to answer these questions and be a part of the contest too


Adetola Muheez
05 Jan

Wow.. amazing to read through all of that.

You did well to be neutral with names,u must have alot of your list not to step on nerves.

I'm glad uptrennd had been alot helpful for u n all..can't love it less

All kudos to Jeff n the relentless team.

Wishing u luck in d contest


Shahid Iqbal
05 Jan

I appreciate your thoughts for uptrennd. I also agree with you to these facts about uptrennd but I like your positivity that uptrend brought in you 


XxX offiong
05 Jan

You talk with plenty of experience, I would love you put your own questions too


05 Jan

I trade what I see, not what I feel. 1Up is ~0.002 USD, while other blogging platforms are 0.11 USD, a valuation of over 50 X. 

In lak'ech, JaiChai. 


Suny Ag
10 Jan

That's why I joined that and working there too!







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