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Hope you guys are fine and enjoying 2up. 

Sister @Emaan gave a task to answer some questions so here is my entry.  

I know after getting through all these answers,  you guys will let you know more about Uptrennd.  

1. What you know about Uptrennd?


Uptrennd is a social platform and Mr @Jeff is the CEO of this platform.

We have many guardians on this platform who appreciate quality content and are busy to remove the bug and try to sort out the problems that users are facing.  

Mam @Victoria and @Busola are the lead guardians from Nigeria. 

We have some Pakistani guardians @Navi bro @Yasir bro @Itliker shadda sir @Hafsa M @Esma Sid @Kamran Akbar @Emaan Ali @Saqib Ajmal. 

We have many other guardians from different countries 

These are @Kris Js @Dotun @Teddy @Betty @Bill whites @Osato @Luke @Adelan O @skyway @Tim

2. The thing you like most on Uptrennd? 

This platform gives the opportunity of freedom of speech. It not only gives the opportunity to learn but its best for the students who can earn through this platform as well. Here one can explore his/her talent freely because I noticed that everyone appreciate our work here and no one spread hate. Everyone try to motivate you with is the positive thing here on this platform and you won't this positivity in other platforms.  

3. Things you don't like on Uptrennd?


Uptrennd is a drug for me and I consider it like a family but still it needs perfection.  The thing which I don't like is the behaviour of some guardians and favoritism from guardians side. 

I am not talking about all the guardians but some guardians do favoritism in my opinion (I might be wrong) .

I am not criticizing as I get enough appreciation from the guardians. 

Favoritism in a sense that if they know someone and who talk to them in different channels or groups or Dms then they appreciate more to these users.  They also appreciate others but many users are good quality content writer but they don't get appreciation on every post but some users get upvotes more than 100 in every post which i think is favoritism.  

4. You are finding which thing on Uptrennd? 

I am a student and always try to learn new things. So I always open my Uptrennd for the sake of knowledge and I am getting more knowledge.  

As I am student so I am also finding handsome money to pay my university fee and to help my parents financially.

5. Best Uptrennd user according to you?


There are many users who are working hard and put more efforts on this platform but @Amal fatima is the best user according to me. She is hard working and consistent user of this platform.  Moreover she has good quality in her comments as well. 

6. The changes you want on Uptrennd? 

Uptrennd is a best platform but nothing is perfect in this world and everything needs more updates and perfection 

  • There should be a proper mentioning method to easily mention someone. ¬†

  • App should be launch in this year as it will be very easy to use .

  • Donation button should be enable for users more than level 15 to appreciate newbies.¬†

  • There should be tutorial clases for users before joining this platform to avoid the spamming because many people don't know how to work on the platform and get massive downvotes on breaking the rules and get discouraged after getting downvotes which is not good for uptrennd growth.¬†

  • As there is an auto save for posts , same it should be for comments as well because sometimes we loss our long comments due to internet issues.¬†

  • As there are a lot of scammers there on this platform who just not only plagrized posts but some spread hate by downvoting the others so there should be a proper navigation on downvotes as well. Because many users misuse this option and try to discourage hard working users.¬†

  • Each guardian should be given the users of specific level.¬†

Like if you are guardian,  you must be responsible for level 10 to 12 and you must have to follow all the active users in these 2 levels.

And i think it will hardly take your one hour to read all posts in a day and to appreciate all of them. 

Or you  divide communities in guardians???

Like if you are  a guardian, you must be given a  creative writing community to look into it.

One guardian shouldn't interfere in other community. 

He must appreciate the users who post in the community given to him/her. It will help to appreciate all the users of all any level. 

  • Many users face difficulty in the cancellation of withdraw and rush in support group to cancel their withdrawa, so there should be an option of cancel the withdraw.¬†

  • There should be an option of urgent withdraw with some high fee that one can get his withdraw if he needs.¬†

7. The best gift or memory you got from uptrennd?


For me,  best gift is having some sincere and good friends.  Uptrennd gave me some good friends.  

I have many good friends here and they are now more than my brothers. We are Frank as we are childhood friends.  I wanna mention some of them. @Naveed 2.0 @Umair Swati @Amjad Khan @Mohtisim @Khurshid @Tahir Khan @Bigra Nawab @Umair Ansari @Sheraz @Naveed 784. 

I am also blessed to have some female frnds and they are sincere ones. @Hafsa K @Mahnoor Danish @Ayat Fatima @Habiba Gulzar. 

8. The best lesson you got through your mistakes on Uptrennd? 

Mistakes are important part of our life, and without mistake we learn nothing.

I was once caught in the case of plagiarism.  Even it was not my mistake and someone got my content from Uptrennd and posted something else but I got a lesson that never plagrized content otherwise you will pay for it. 

9. What you learnt from this worldwide platform? 


Uptrennd  gave me knowledge about cryptocurrency.  I didn't know about this. Even I didn't know what is trust wallet but now Alhamdollilah I learnt more about it.  I can now exchange and trade.  

I improved my English skills as and now I have better communication skills.

10. How Uptrennd brought positivity in your life? 

Uptrend is the platform where we can learn whatever we want because we have many communities here. 

I learnt from this platform that always appreciate people who are doing good work.

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05 Jan

Exactly deer it's wonderful post. You take partesepen on eman contrast it's wonderful I hope you geve this ga ways. Well down 


Huda Mehru
05 Jan

Very much informative post dear 

You have mentioned all the features very well that needs to be added or updated


Amjad Ali Waince
05 Jan

Legends always set the trennd and others follow. Thanks for sharing your experiences , it will ease a lot to understand the concept of the contest . 

Stay blessed!!!!


M.A Khan
05 Jan

Great @NatiQ A You did a great job. I love your content.. Best of luck for the contest. As you said that you had learnt many things like this I also learn from your post.


Dr Jillani
05 Jan

Broo your points of view about uptrend are awesome but I think you forgettably miss one question???

The best to whom you met In uptrend?


NatiQ Abbas
05 Jan

There were two questions with same question number so i answered one of it


Dr Jillani
05 Jan

Ok broo... I write about these questions answer , one about user and one about guardian‚ėļ


NatiQ Abbas
05 Jan

Yeah i read it. Thanx for mentioning my name







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