Queen of Cuteness.

​ when the debate about the House pets come we have many names of animals on our choice list these include parrots they include pigeons these include dogs cats reptiles snakes there is much more because people have different interest at they choose different animal according to their interest but I am talking about Universal choice.

 Most of us would definitely prefer to have a cat as a pet because of cuteness because of illness and because of their behaviour towards humans they are considered as best pet they relax our mood they relax our mind they give us happiness when we are depressed and alone.

​ it is scientifically proven that when someone spends time with animal he become more caring he prefer to love rather than hate for dispersing thoughts animals always increase awareness and our behaviour towards animals and humans both.

 In the history you would definitely see many animals preferred dogs many animal briefing cats but when the race comes between dog and cat than cats overcome in the cuteness rather than dogs cats give us feelings of love and beauty everytime whenever we care the whenever they are with us on the bed or when we try to talk and give food t with them.


So the ball is in your court what would you choose as pet?


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Raheem Rao
26 Nov

Well i always  choose a cat 

I see their  cutess 

The cat with long hairs  and different  colours  of eyes  looks so awesome 


Tariq Shehzad
26 Nov

I would like to choose cat as pet in my home as you have told about its behaviour and Qualities. It is si cute for home just like kids.


Fakokunde Abiola
26 Nov

I would like to choose dog as a pet. But cat give is feelings of love and beauty.


Chidiebere Nze
26 Nov

The cat is the most beautiful animal in the whole world, and I'll shout it loud and clear for the whole world to hear.


Khadija Sheikh
26 Nov

I love raising cats but my family doesn't like it that's why my family doesn't allow me to raise cats ...
But I love cats۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔







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