pure mineral water

Gilgit Baltistan is the one of the place where the people use spring water. There are some areas where the hot spring water as well where the people take bath in winter in that hot water. SO , it is very big blessed of our god. Also the pure water present there where you can drink water from anywhere , any canal, any tap , with out keep in fear that it is polluted or not. I took this pics by own to thanks Allah almighty to give such a blessings and want to give awareness for people to care it , please .There is forcasting of economist that there would be a big war for water. so keep save it , protect such a spring. it is our reponsiblity to protect such a gift.


High Performance Blockchain





The High-Performance Blockchain (HPB) project seeks to address the problem of scalability from both the software and hardware aspect of things. HPB combines a customized hardware Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE) with high-performance blockchain software. The addition of a hardware-based BOE, allows for high transaction speed and extremely low latency. The team claims that 'there is no compromise in terms of security and decentralization, as the Node network verifies transactions worldwide and is comprised of a dual election mechanism combining the best aspects of voting and delegation'.


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