Hi everyone.

I have been applying some of my digital artworks on crypto art applications its been an exhilarating experience. I do have work in which I design for corporate commissions. I am, however really intrigued by the digital art I create in a fine art sort of fashion. Most of my work takes on digital realism, surrealism, dreams, abstract art as I make art based on spirituality. I find it to be a very interesting topic to undergo or interpret as it has been a way of life for as far as I can remember. I have always been an atypical person and it reflects in the artworks I make, because I see reality in a very different way.

My post is one actually engaging artists out there who make digital art and to create some sort of community for inspiration (be it in the crypto art space or not). For those looking forward to seeing more of my work feel free to view the links: 


This link is for those that would like to follow the work or purchase


Imp glad to have an ear from everyone and for everyone else looking forward to the comments on surrealism, abstract art, dreams or anything artistic or art related

#cryptoart #art #surrealism #abstarct #spirituality 


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