PUBG Mobile ban in India

Nearly a week after the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile and also the release of 117 other Chinese apps on allegations of improper processing of user data, PUBG Corporation issued an officer statement on the matter. The key point is that Tencent will not be the publisher of the favored Battle Royale game in India. PUBG Corporation is headquartered in Republic of Korea and could be a subsidiary of Bluehole Studio, an indoor studio that develops PUBG and its mobile counterparts. China's Tencent managed to accumulate shares in Bluehole and PUBG Corporation, and later reached multiple partnerships to distribute PUBG Mobile in Google Play and App Store. Now, PUBG Corporation is taking back the franchise rights of PUBG Mobile and plans to be the distributor in India. It remains to be seen how long this alteration will take and whether the Indian government will approve it. Currently, all Indian PUBG Mobile players who have installed the game on their devices can still play and luxuriate in all its features. the sole problem is that the game is currently not available for download on the App Store and Play Store, and new players cannot join.



Abbas Wazil
08 Sep

Sad to hear about it. There should be something Done about it


Himayat Ullah
08 Sep

I hope pubg is ban for some days like Pakistan 

I hope it's open very fastly


Hammad Ali
11 Sep

it is very bad news for indian gaming comunity and esport.In india it is about a year that people began to know about esport industry it is very bad news some solution is important.







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