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​so I have a content about protections of a woman for the second marriage and what can be the problems it is described below. 

​Why the same marriage order for a woman?

"A Glimpse of Quranic Miracles in the Realm of Science"

A Jewish embryologist

(Who was also a religious scholar)

He openly says that

On earth

More than a Muslim woman

 Clean and tidy

There is no woman of any religion.

The whole incident is as follows

Associated with the Alpert Einstein Institute

An expert fetal Jewish leader, Robert

Announced his conversion to Islam

The only reason for this is in the Qur'an

Familiarity with the rule of 'iddah of the said divorcee

 And the wisdom behind the three-month limitation for 'iddah.

Allah says

  [Al-Baqarah: 228]

"And the absolutes are three-quarters of an hour old."

Translation: -

"Divorce withheld for three menstrual periods"

This verse

 An amazing modern knowledge

Paved the way for the discovery of "DNA" And it turned out that

 Protein in male semen

 Opposite the other man

 62% varies

And the woman's body

 Like a computer

 When a man


 So the woman's body

Absorbs and protects all male bacteria

Therefore, immediately after divorce

If a woman

Marry another man

 Or at the same time

 Have physical contact with many people

So in his body

 Many DNAs accumulate

 Which take the form of dangerous viruses

 And inside the body

 Cause fatal diseases.

Science has found that

After divorce

 Having a menstrual period

 32 to 35% of protein is lost

And other menstrual periods

 From 67 to 72, a person's DNA is destroyed

And in the third menstruation

 99.9% is eliminated

 And then mercy

​The former gets rid of DNA

And without any side effects

 Ready to accept new DNA

A prostitute

Builds relationships with many people

  Because of which

Her semen goes to different men's semen

 And the body accumulates different DNA

And as a result

 She becomes a victim of deadly diseases

And that's it

 The 'iddah of the deceased Anha

 So his' iddah

More than a divorced woman


Due to grief and sorrow

The former DNA does not run out quickly

And to end it

More time is needed

 And with the exception of that

For such women

 The 'iddah is four months and ten days.

The command is divine

  [Al-Baqarah: 1]

"And those who call you and send you wives for fourteen days and ten days."


And among you

 Who dies

And left his wives

 So should

 Hold on to those four months and ten days. "

An expert doctor got rid of this fact

 Researched in two different neighborhoods in the United States

A neighborhood

 Where Muslims of African descent live

In the fetuses of all the women there

 Only one husband's DNA was found

While the other neighborhood

 Where Native American free women live

In their fetus

 More than one, two or three people

DNA found

When the doctor

He tested his wife's blood

So the shocking fact came out that

 In his wife

 DNA of three different people was found

Which meant that

 His wife was cheating on him

What else

 Of her three children

Only one has her own child

After that the doctor became fully convinced that​ Islam is the only religion

That protects women

 And guarantees the harmony of society

 And also that

Muslim women

The cleanest in the world

 They are chaste and pure.







What does it all mean?



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