Pros and cons of online classes

During these months in which we are still in quarantine in my country, I am giving my students online classes, which here in Venezuela is a feat due to the poor services that exist.

Apart from this, I have found it a very interesting experience. Of course, like everything else, it has its contrasts, but I think that if we take advantage of it, we can draw very good lessons.

Among the negative points is the fact that some of the students may lack the proper technological education to access both the teaching materials and to do the corresponding research.

In the same way, the custom of traditional education forms a prejudice that things are not the same and that nothing will be learned. And, certainly, there will be things that cannot be done digitally, but that cannot be fulfilled with the pedagogical objectives, it is false.

I say this from my own experience as well, since last year I was able to take a diploma in distance university education. That is why it is also important to highlight its advantages, such as: flexibility in carrying out activities, creativity in the resources to be used, overcoming spatial-temporal barriers, etc.

Among all the advantages, I always like to point out the fact that online education empowers us more, since there is no physical classroom, a teacher in front of us or colleagues around us to push us to prepare ourselves as best as possible in the subject we are studying.



Fasiha Gull
20 Nov

well said where the online education has benefits also contains the number of disadvantages as well.. 

let's explain here,,

I talk just about in our country what is the situation and hoe the students facing the problem through online education and the students who are enjoying the online education as well...

first of all i have to explain the problems of those students who are badly damaged their study as well as understanding level because online education works only where there is the facility of internet ,PC's as well somehow connection facilities..

in pakistan there are the areas where the people has no internet facilities in areas like mountains , the Areas where where is not favourable to maintain internet, the areas where people has no electricity facility as well.. students may travel may be more then 50km one side for taking lecture or to attend the classes as well..

And now i explain the benefits of online classes,Online classes has number of benefits include to facilitate the people to go to the universities   , as well to take notes and some books as well. due to this methods all the things are available at just one click... if wesee this side of the picture we can say that online education is more beneficial then physical... thank you...


Benazir Ibrahim
20 Nov

Both Chanels of Learning have their pros and cons like you mentioned. Learning online allows you the flexibility for time and also learning materials. However, not all students will have such access.

Learning in the classroom allows for a lot of physical interaction that improves learning. Nevertheless, both methods can even be combined.


Ifeanyi Obasi
20 Nov

That's a weakness in the system because most humans like to procrastinate and lazy around, hence without that additional push and supervision from the physical teacher they may perform poorly...

However there are many advantages of online classes, such as decongestion of classrooms and others 


preview not available Jesús Alejos
21 Nov

Yes, that's why I like online education. It is a test for those who really want to learn


Jeremiah Akpabio
20 Nov

Everything in like has advantages and disadvantages. So online classes is not an exception. One of the merits is that though people might be at different place learning can still be effective. However, the demerit is that network might be lacking in some areas thereby blocking assess to learning process.


Hugo Rep
20 Nov

I am not against online classes but I belong to the old school. To personal contact with the teacher or professor whether in elementary, middle or high school.

Right now it is a necessity. And in normal situations in isolated populations as well.

But I think that in any case it is a subsidiary factor, that is, complementary to traditional teaching.







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