Project voting competition Round 7 is ON!

ROUND 7 of the project voting competition is ON!

Visit and vote for your favorite project today!

Rules are simple:

1. Register account on Atomars exchange to participate in voting.

2. Select as many projects as you like and place your vote. You may vote 1 time per hour during 24 hour period each day.

3. Participation is absolutely FREE!

Winners will get a FREE listing on Atomars exchange.

Vote today and help to share the news with your favorite project community to make sure your project wins.

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Competition runs until 28.12.2020



Atomars Exchange
15 Dec

1UP is in !

Share your support for Uptrennd team by voting for 1UP on Atomars today!


Peter Faith
15 Dec

This will be lovely, though I am just getting to know about this exchange but how can we get support in case we have an issue to complain about?


Atomars Exchange
15 Dec

Thank you for your feedback Peter.
There is a link on the website to support contact form, feel free to contact the team if you have any issues with the platform and require assistance.


Dmi Tree
15 Dec

Wow. Unbelievable. Just voted for UpTrennd. There are 86 votes now . How many winners 1, 2, 3 . Trust wallet seem at 1st place.

Will it be correct to assume that, if listed, UpTrennd users will be able to transfer 1up to the Atomars exchange directly?

P.s. here is shout out to the community to vote:


Atomars Exchange
15 Dec

Hey Dmitry!
Contest runs until 28.12 and any project can still win the contest.
The rules of the contest can be found on the voting page

There are two winners usually:
1. The one with the most overall votes
2. The one that collects the mosts stars (a proect that collects min number of votes each day faster than all other projects gets a star for that day).

Let us know if you still have any questions.


Sussy Love
16 Dec

Let me go try it out and see what the outcome will be


Bernard Etienne Fety
16 Dec

the way to get 500 1UP  so far.


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