Project Nebula Giveaway

Welcome To Project Nebula

A blockchain based game of interstellar exploration. Discover and own unique planets, artifacts, and more in an ever-expanding universe.

“With Project Nebula we wanted to create a game that we ourselves would like to play but we also had the desire to do something that was not quite done yet before. We’ve always been drawn to the 4X strategy games and also spent countless hours and dollars on different collectible games. Project Nebula is bringing those two concepts together into a single game.”

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Fan of NFTs? Now Is Your Chance To Win Some!

Now is your chance to win high quality NFTs to add to your collection or maybe to start off your collection!

NFTs have a massive use case within the gaming world, giving gamers full control over their in-game items and complete ownership too.

We have seen NFTs sell on platforms like “OpenSea” and “Rarible” for 100s of Ethereum, so is this the next big trend? With companies like “Microsoft” “Ubisoft” and others getting involved I would think so…

How To Enter:

Join Telegram - (Leave your telegram handle in the comments below on this post)

Follow them on twitter:

Go over to the marketplace - Project Nebula Marketplace & pick out your favourite planet, share that to your social media like Twitter or Facebook, Instagram using #NFT #blockchain.

Once you have completed the above steps you must share your social media posts links and telegram handle in the comments below or you will not be entered into the giveaway. 

What You Could Win:

You could win one of these quality looking NFT planets which has in-game features meaning you will be able to use it once the game launches along with a mystery box that you can open. Who knows what you may find inside them…

There are 8 planets up for grabs and 80,000 1UP to be won.

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Entries Close:

Entries Close 23rd of November 2020 12AM UTC.

Any entries past this date/time will not be included in the giveaway above so please make sure you enter beforehand.

Make sure you share your links in the comments below along with your telegram/twitter handles too!



Ali Khan 110
18 Nov

Sir you have given a lot of information about this project and I liked your post very much and I read it well and kept it in my mind.

You are right that we should learn something new and sing something new so that the world may be amazed.

Sir, you have given a lot of information about this project. We are grateful to you for that.


Anthony Eri
18 Nov

Finally, the long awaited project Nebula opens it's arms wide to embrace us. I'm certainly performing the tasks to qualify for the giveaway and I just can't wait for the amazing stuffs project Nebula has to offer.

Nice job Luke 👍🏼


Abubakar Usman
18 Nov

Very good, we will surely participate in this contest. Let's how this Nebula project will be and how it will work. I think this Nebula project will bring us something new in our life. Thanks for sharing this is very important to us keep it up.


MCcoy MCcoy64
18 Nov

My post link on Twitter is this

My telegram is below 



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