Proceed 1up to US Dollars & Pakistani Rupees

Dear Uptrenndians, we are here on Uptrennd to earn feom our efforts and feom using the creativity of our minds , taking many ideas to contents form.

But we all want money in our native currency.

So here some procedure that I will try to explain in easiest way to you guys.

Let's start: (1up to BTC )

Necessary Things to do first

Must have an account on any of belower exchanges to convert your 1up to BTC (Bitcoin) or LTC(Litecoin).

Probit (easier than others)

First Step:

Send your 1up tokens to any exchange on which rates are usually high...

For example you are preferring Probit so ,

Make probit Account:

1. Goto Probit Probit

preview not available


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3. Put Email , Password & Confirm Password.

After that you have to tick all the below tick signs.

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After that you have to complete your profile details and should also avoid the SMS 2FA or Google Authenticator.

Looking at bottom of Probit App

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Here are 5 main functions including Homepage, Exchange, History, Wallet and Settings respectively.


So in exchange function you have to search ONEUP and can make it favourite tab.


Press on wallet function and search for " ONEUP "

And copy the deposit address ( for depositing 1up tokens from Trust wallet or from your Uptrennd profile.

After receiving the you have to go in exchange section and search for ONEUP and here we can see buy and sell orders.

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So if you want to sell then press at Sell

You will see like below

So you can select the price and amount to sell.

Or you can make a sell order at your desired price

But: Be careful in putting the values,  any small mistake can be because of Big Loss

you can see your open orders on this page at the bottom of App.

After successful completion you can see your dollars in BTC by visiting the Wallet section.

Note : Don't try to withdraw BTC directly Because

Some exchanges deduct alot fees ( near about $5) for BTC withdrawal , while have too much less fees for LTC withdrawal into Bucksmil App.



Dua Fatima
30 Mar

This is very helpful. I still have to make my first transaction. So this is very helpful for people like me


Adetola Muheez
30 Mar

Thank you so much sir for the step t step way to trade 1up on probut.

1up on the high and to the moon


Erum Batool
30 Mar

Yeah dear I did not know about these steps . But I think trust wallet is more secure. Because I lost my all 1up in altily


Madiha Maan
30 Mar

You shared very good information with us,

Thanks a lot It will help me a lot  it is a very easy step  we can easily point sell 1 up


Rock Usama
30 Mar

Thank you for sharing this. It's help to exchange 1up. 


Mike Etim
30 Mar

You did a huge job here & this will help many to be able to sign up in a reputable exchange like probit. 

1 1up to a dollar is achievable because nothing is impossible but might take much time unless more use cases are being assigned to the 1up token


Erum Batool
30 Mar

Yeah dear in crypto feild nothing is possible. You can see the value of btc in 2008-2009 is 0.003$ and latest price is 58000$ . In crypto feild everything is possible







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