Probit Listing! $ONEUP (1UP) 1.2 Million 1UP Event!

Good morning Trenndians! I hope everybody is having a good week🙏

No doubt you all saw the news today, Uptrennds token "1UP" has been listed on Probit Exchange! Please take note that the ticker will not be "1UP" it will be $ONEUP! You can find the "BTC/ONEUP pair here - 

Probit is a top 20 exchange on Coingecko👇👇 Happy Trading!

1,200,000 1UP Champion Event Alongside Probit Listing🎉

You could win some 1UP and not just a small amount either🔥 There is a nice welcome offer/event for everybody over at Probit too so be sure to check out the link below 👇👇 



Mert Kumru
15 Jul

it is a bit strange to see oneup as ticker instead of 1up in other exchange..

also it is important to note down that, in order to be eligible for the campaign, you should buy around 90-100 USD worth 1UP from probit.

it would be nice if there was reward for sharing among all participants as well. only top 10 with highest volume will be rewarded, which means that the ones with high amount of money has a chance to win. 


Julescape Crypto
15 Jul

Unless perhaps you buy and sell all day long, thus increasing the actual volume you traded, since you are trading your same coins back and forth. I am just guessing it may be considered added to your attempt at reaching high volume traded. I'm keen to try it out.


Kev Alan
16 Jul

Why did they not use 1UP ticker?


M ibrar Khan
15 Jul

Good morning to you too sir Yes sir we have enjoyed week very well Hope this  exchangers become very good for us I will install this  Exchanger very soon in Inshallah I'll go to your link and install this exchanger 


Godson Romeo
15 Jul

This is good news My friend I'm so happy That oneup had been listed therein I will not haste to check the event link you sent too, I'm gonna check it right now


Anees Khalid
15 Jul

This is really a great news for all uptrendian especially after the heart breaking news of citizenship which forced many people to leave this platform....

$ONEUP price is increasing since 2-3 days regularly and we can now think about its more improvement further....


Jayna L
15 Jul

Exciting news! It's so great to see the token getting mainstream attention. And that's so awesome about the special offer, as it will attract new investors.


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