Primereum Is Accepting Your Global Coin Reserve (GCR)

The Global Currency Reserve (GCR) coin foundation was established in 2015 to support the GCR coin community. Over the years several attempts have been made by the foundation to get the GCR coin listed on trading exchanges and other cryptocurrency platforms. In August 2015 the GCR Coin was listed on exchanges such as Bittrex and Coinpayments.

Despite these advances, the GCR coin continued to face many problems. Often things looked rather bleak for the GCR coin, with prices going up, and then being dumped back down. Moreover, while the GCR Coin foundation has made several attempts to add the GCR coin to reputable trading platforms, they have often come to the same scenario because they are not the original developers of the coin and did not have the source code and currency libraries. Furthermore, the GCR coin also faced an immediate danger from an unknown hacker who attempted to breach the security of the GCR coin blockchain.

It is also important to note that technology continues to evolve with great advancements within Cryptosphere. Consequently, for projects and companies to stay competitive, they need to adapt and change their products and services to the evolving nature of the cryptocurrency industry. Since its creation, the GCR coin hasn't changed much.

As a result of the above-mentioned factors, the GCR Coin Foundation decided to create a new coin named the Global Coin Reserve Token (GCR), which is an ERC20 token to upgrade GCR with the latest Cryptocurrency technology. This will also resolve all previous problems and offer the GCR coin community and its coin a new and prosperous future. The development of the new token also ensures that the coin will continue to expand and fulfil the original function of GCR coin.

Following the creation of a new Global Coin Reserve Token (GCR), the GCR community had the opportunity to exchange its Global Currency Reserve (GCR) coins with the new token during a given timeframe. The coins were exchanged on the Primereum platform or Cryptrox exchange site.

Primereum founders have been part of the GCR community since its inception.  To continue to support this community's development, Primereum has selected Global Coin Reserve Token (GCR) as one of the coins to be accepted on its platform

Who is Primereum?

Primereum is a decentralized ecosystem that offers a wide range of products, including payment systems, point-of-sale systems and an online marketplace. Using blockchain technologies, Primereum provides gateways and new and alternative methods of payment. Also driving the Primereum ecosystem is its flagship and stable utility token, the Primereum Fuel (PMF), which is anchored to 1 gram of gold.

How Can the Global Coin Reserve Token (GCR) Community Benefit from Using Primereum? 

Primereum’s online marketplace will accept over 30 other cryptocurrencies including the Global Coin Reserve Token (GCR). Based upon a peer-to-peer business model that is peer-to-peer, Primereum enables a free flow of value transfer for its customers through the development of an open and shared economy, which connects buyers, sellers, affiliates, bounty hunters, business owners, partners, advertisers, using cryptocurrencies such as the Global Coin Reserve Token (GCR)


Global Coin Reserve Token (GCR) customers can use their coins to purchase the PMF tokens through the Fuel store, which can be used for all our platform services such as, the Marketplace, Wishlist And Remittance system. With the PMF tokens, customers can purchase products on the marketplace and exchange with other members. Additionally, the Wishlist system allows a customer to list a product they want to be purchased on their behalf, in exchange for the PMF token. When a product buyer chooses to purchase the item from the Wishlist, the balance of the PMF tokens offered by the customer interested in buying the product will be kept in the Escrow system. The marketplace will also include competitive affiliate and bounty programs that will provide attractive incentives for the engagement and promotion of the Primereum ecosystem. 

Additionally, Primereum developed mobile wallets for the Global Coin Reserve Token (GCR), which will be available via the Google Play Store and the App Store for Android and IOS devices on the Primereum Mobile Wallets. Global Coin Reserve Token (GCR) holders who store their tokens on Primereum will also receive a 5% annual reward that is measured daily. The final rewards plan specifics are to be released at a later date.

PRIMEREUM is a simple and versatile way to use your Global Coin Reserve Tokens (GCR) and shop online. If you’re part of the Global Coin Reserve Token (GCR) community, you don’t want to miss this chance.

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umair saeed
07 May

thank you for sharing such information 


Choice Baba
07 May

It's a good One. At last it's going globally. 


Emmanuel Hordo
07 May

Wow that's a great news to the gcr coin holders


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