Primereum Accepts Troy

Troy has been developed as a global decentralized protocol for trading. Troy network is a prime broker dealing with crypto-asset trading.  The company also offers trading technology for crypto brokerage services such as asset management, data analytics, wealth management, lending, brokerage services, and many more. 

Mass adoption is one great accomplishment every cryptocurrency wishes for. However, mass adoption can be achieved if a cryptocurrency has a specific use case or is used as a payment method for goods and services. The Troy network also features a native utility token with multiple use cases. Since its inception, Troy token has been accepted and remains affiliated with different organizations. Primereum is one such organization, which strives to promote and use Troy on its platform

Who is Primereum?

Primereum is a niche and hybrid decentralized ecosystem. The Primereum ecosystem uses Blockchain technology to provide a range of products, including payment systems, point-of-sale systems and an online marketplace. The Primereum ecosystem is expected to promote the free-flowing transfer of value to its clients by providing a transparent sharing economy that will connect buyers, sellers, affiliates, bounty hunters, business owners, partners, advertisers, using cryptocurrencies. Compared to Primereum, Troy also offers a decentralized ecosystem that is compatible with and ultimately supersedes existing financial systems.  The Primereum team has therefore selected the Troy token as one of the 30 other cryptocurrencies to be used on its online marketplace. 


How Can The Troy Community Benefit From Using Primereum? 

The adoption of the Troy token on the Primereum platform provides a strong opportunity for the Troy community. In addition to being focused on a peer-to-peer system, both Troy and Primereum share same principles that concentrate on creating a new ecosystem and financial system powered by the blockchain infrastructure to deliver decentralized, borderless and trustless services. Primereum’s marketplace will be powered by its secure and proof-of-concept network token which is anchored to one gram of gold’s stable price. The Primereum marketplace will include merchant stores, a new concept style wish list, a fuel store, and Primereum Virtual Financial Asset (PVFA) wallets.


So how can the Troy community become part of the Primereum ecosystem? 
 Any holder of Troy currency can be part of the Primereum community by being a trader and selling goods within the network to other users.  As one of the preferred cryptocurrencies that will be accepted on Primereum, the Troy community can use their currency to purchase Primereum Fuel Tokens (PMF) through the Fuel store.  Then customers can buy goods on the marketplace and exchange with others using PMF tokens. Additionally, a Primereum customer can also recommend a product they wish to buy using the Wishlist feature. A certain number of PMFs can be supplied by a customer and kept on the Escrow network of the platform until an interested party agree to purchase the requested product highlighted in the Wishlist

The marketplace will also include competitive affiliate and bounty programs that will provide attractive incentives for the engagement and promotion of the Primereum ecosystem. PRIMEREUM is a free, simple and versatile way to use your Troy and shop online. 

If you’re part of the Troy community, you don’t want to miss this chance.

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Osigwe .c Paul
12 May

Yea we mean business 


Arinze John
12 May

#Primereum is the trigger point for digital economy.


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