Primereum Accepts Matic Network (MATIC) Token

Blockchain smart contract platforms and cryptocurrencies have attracted mass attention but still have not been able to achieve mass adoption due to the scalability and user experience problems. Ethereum, for example, is the most widely used smart contract platform but it hasn't seen many DApps recording mass adoption due to challenges such as slow block confirmations and high gas fees. However, platforms like Matic Network are gradually shifting this pattern, as they seek to improve the interaction between users and the decentralized world.

Matic Network is a sidechain proof of stake network with Plasma asset security guarantee. Matic Network aims to address the scalability and usability problems associated with blockchain, while at the same time not compromising on decentralization and leveraging the existing developer community and ecosystem. Matic network achieves this by offering a scalable platform for customers to test the network 's capabilities and user experience

The Matic network also has a utility token, the Matic token (MATIC), which is designed to perform multiple functions and is, in particular, a payment unit on the network. The token can also be used to secure the chain for validators to participate in the network through Proof of Stake. Transaction fees are also payable with MATIC tokens on the network.

The Matic Network continues to implement various initiatives to expand its token’s utility. In addition, many organisations also recognize the company’s efforts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape. One such company is Primereum, a 100% crypto-based online marketplace. Primereum chose the MATIC token as one of the few cryptocurrencies selected for use on its platform.

Who Is Primereum? 

Primereum is a decentralized ecosystem that offers a wide range of products, including payment systems, point-of-sale systems and an online marketplace. Primereum also uses blockchain technology, making it a strong competitor by providing gateways and innovative and alternative forms of payment as opposed to traditional financial systems. The Primereum ecosystem is also driven by the Primereum Fuel (PMF), its flagship and stable utility token anchored to 1 gram of gold.

How Can the Matic Network (MATIC) Token Community Benefit from Using Primereum? 

Primereum is not the first eCommerce platform which accepts the MATIC token as a payment method. Other sites like FomoHunt were the first online merchants to accept the payment of MATIC tokens. Using a peer-to-peer business model, Primereum will provide an open and shared economy and a free flow of value transfer by linking buyers, sellers, affiliates, bounty hunters, business owners, partners, advertisers, using cryptocurrencies. Over 30 or more cryptocurrencies such as MATIC token will be accepted on Primereum's online marketplace, in addition to its flagship token.

Any holder of MATIC tokens can be part of the Primereum community by becoming a merchant by selling goods within the Marketplace to other users. MATIC token customers can also use their coins to purchase the PMF tokens through the Fuel store, which can be used for all our platform services such as, the Marketplace, Wishlist And Remittance system. With the PMF tokens, customers can purchase products on the marketplace and exchange with other members. Additionally, the Wishlist system allows a customer to list a product they want to be purchased on their behalf, in exchange for the PMF token. When a product buyer chooses to purchase the item from the Wishlist, the balance of the PMF tokens offered by the customer interested in buying the product will be kept in the Escrow system. The marketplace will also include competitive affiliate and bounty programs that will provide attractive incentives for the engagement and promotion of the Primereum ecosystem.

PRIMEREUM is a simple and versatile way to use your MATIC tokens and to shop online. If you’re part of the Matic Network community, you don’t want to miss this chance.

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