Primereum Accepts Cryptrox Coin

The CryptroX brand was created to operate a cryptocurrency exchange platform in 2016. The business also initially provided training focused on the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies, wallets, trading and security.

The Cryptrox platform has continued to grow as an African entity to deliver new and innovative products which compete globally. However, these products must be aligned and adapted to the changing dynamics of the cryptocurrency market, particularly in emerging markets where access to cryptocurrency is constrained by different challenges. Today, the CryptroX company offers a multitude of products and services such as a cryptocurrency exchange and Masternodes hosting services for its utility coin, the CryptroX Coin (CXC).

The CryptroX exchange is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange that aims to revolutionize and simplify access to cryptocurrencies in the emerging markets. The exchange is the first-ever cryptocurrency platform with Security at A+ level on Mozilla Observatory by using login pin and whitelisting IP address. The "Know-Your-Customer" (KYC) process of the platform is also carried out manually to protect information and privacy of the members. CryptroX also offers quick transaction speed, and can process 10,000 transactions per minute; these are some of the few indicators that make Cryptrox trading experience different

The CryptroX coin (CXC) also fuels the CryptroX's platform and is used interchangeably on the platform to pay exchange trading fees, generate rewards by running Masternodes (MN) and Virtual Masternodes (VMN), and pay VMN hosting fees after rewarding Masternodes earnings.

The CryptroX coin (CXC) is the first Masternodes (MN) coin to be issued in Africa. In addition, the coin is also the first on-chain Masternodes, where all the Masternodes transactions are automatically recorded in the blockchain. This concept is new in the cryptocurrency industry, having never been done before. In order to protect the CryptroX group from over mining and dumping, the degree of mining difficulty for the CXC is also set and built-in such a way as to favour the coin holders.

CryptroX continues to work with various companies to create opportunities for its community and increase the acceptance and use of its CXC coin as a payment tool. In support of Cryptrox, the Primereum online marketplace, the first-ever 100% crypto-based e-commerce platform has selected the CryptroX Coin (CXC) as one of the coins that will be accepted on its platform

Who is Primereum?

Primereum is a decentralized ecosystem that offers a wide range of products, including payment systems, point-of-sale systems and an online marketplace. Using blockchain technologies, Primereum provides gateways and new and alternative methods of payment. Also driving the Primereum ecosystem is its flagship and stable utility token, the Primereum Fuel (PMF), which is anchored to 1 gram of gold.

How Can the CryptroX Coin Community Benefit from Using Primereum? 

Primereum’s online marketplace will accept over 30 other cryptocurrencies including the CryptroX Coin (CXC). Based upon a peer-to-peer business model that is peer-to-peer, Primereum enables a free flow of value transfer for its customers through the development of an open and shared economy, which connects buyers, sellers, affiliates, bounty hunters, business owners, partners, advertisers, using cryptocurrencies such as the CryptroX Coin (CXC).

CryptroX Coin (CXC) customers can use their coins to purchase the PMF tokens through the Fuel store, which can be used for all our platform services such as, the Marketplace, Wishlist And Remittance system. With the PMF tokens, customers can purchase products on the marketplace and exchange with other members. Additionally, the Wishlist system allows a customer to list a product they want to be purchased on their behalf, in exchange for the PMF token. When a product buyer chooses to purchase the item from the Wishlist, the balance of the PMF tokens offered by the customer interested in buying the product will be kept in the Escrow system. The marketplace will also include competitive affiliate and bounty programs that will provide attractive incentives for the engagement and promotion of the Primereum ecosystem. 

PRIMEREUM is a simple and versatile way to use your CryptroX coins and shop online. If you’re part of the CryptroX community, you don’t want to miss this chance.

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Tunde Adegboro
04 May

I will give a try, knowing about it for the first time


edube emmanuel
04 May

Yes Cryptrox trading platform is the best with highest security futures I love it.


Khurram Butt
04 May

I heard a lot about it but the thing is i m new here so i want to get more info about it 

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Osigwe .c Paul
04 May

Sign up now from my link and get $500 worth pmf token


09 May

Primereum is rocking now.jion the platform now 


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