Prestigious Occupation.

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Prestigious Occupation.. 

Let me start by asking what your source of income is.... 

So, what do you do for a living?

Do you feel shy about who you are and what you do?

Do you think and feel that, your source of income is not prestigious enough?

Maybe you wish you were a prosperous medical doctor, a renowned lawyer, a pharmacist, a sought after engineer, an ambassador of your country, a renowned scientist, a famous public speaker or something else. These maybe your wishes right? Is okay to wish for more.. 

Maybe you are a trader, a commercial driver or rider, a teacher, a pastor, an agriculturist, a writer, a plumber, a shoe maker, a cook, a baker, a builder, a fashion designer, a carpenter even a wheelbarrow pusher …

Why do you feel like your occupation is not prestigious?, so what if the doctors earn more than you, so what if the society do not value you and respect you... 

Whatever your job may be, it is your source of income and that's all that matters, as far as it puts food on your table. 

You should be proud of your occupation no matter how unimportant it seems as far as it is legit. 

Every occupation is prestigious and important, 

Those who do the so called “prestigious” kind of job, cannot do your own kind of job, even if they want to, they may not know how to do it perfectly like you, they will surely come to you the same way you go to them. 

You are as important as they are too. They are specialized in theirs, you are specialized in yours, everyone is important.. 

Don't feel bad or ashamed of your occupation because you are laboring in dignity. Keep growing it, Keep expanding your scope, Keep working at being responsible and becoming financially free. Sell yourself out. Sell out your abilities and talents. 

If what you do for a living is legit, be proud of it. You are better than a completely idle person or a fraudster.. 

Hope this words add value to your life... Keep wining my fellow trenndians.



Olatunbosun Bossman
11 Aug

I am a teacher by profession and I am proud of been a teacher. It is prestigious for me and I am proud of it


Ogbodo Samuel
11 Aug

I am contended with what I have,do and own....I don't have any reason to do any bad thing to be reach

Who else have the same mind set?


Ayesha Islam
11 Aug

You are right I agree with you as you said there is no doubt in all of this it is a good thing


August Elijah
11 Aug

Be proud of what you do. Be proud of your hustle. Do not let other think or make fool of you... 

As far as what you are doing is good and legal. Keep on working hard. You get bigger


Mughal Mirza
11 Aug

it is necessary to be Pride on that what you have because what God has given you is enough for you there is nothing more than god will


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