Presearch has the Potential to Kill Google!!

Right from when it was launched in 1998, Google has become an integral part of our life. It has established itself so firmly as the de facto search engine that people refer to searching anything online as “Googling”. Whenever we are not sure about something we just say “Google it”. It is now hard to imagine a life without google and for the brief rare instances when google server goes down it creates an atmosphere of utter panic. Majority of jobs are heavily dependent on google, whether for searching data, finding images or in some cases Googling about how are you supposed to do the job at hand. It has pervaded even our personal lives when we are frequently googling “best gift to please an angry girlfriend”.

 Google has made such a strong grip on the search engine market that it virtually has no competition. It destroyed Yahoo very early on. Bing was a disaster from the start. Baidu is popular only in China. The dangerous part is that once you have no threat or competition it gives you so much power that you are bound to misuse it.

Something similar is happening to Google over the years. There have been numerous instances of google misusing personal data. Google has been completely careless with personal data of users as it knows peole have no other option no matter what it does. With the stringent GPDR laws introduced by Europe, France recently filed a 50 million euro fine on Google for malpractices linked to user data. You can read more details here -

Google has become a necessary evil in our lives. Something which we know is bad but we have no choice so we keep using it.

Until recently I also felt resigned to this fate till I heard about the project PRESEARCH.

Presearch is a next generation decentralized search engine which rewards  users with it’s  native Presearch tokens. Their idea is to use a blockchain based index which will be curated by the user community to decide which search result is more relevant from users perspective. You can refer their whitepaper to get more details here -


Just like the movie Matrix I will now offer you two options- Blue Pill or Red Pill.

  • BLUE PILL – Hold on to the Old Ways

Take this pill and continue using Google and ignoring what potential Presearch has to open. Remain ignorant to the benefits that blockchain has to offer. Give Google the complete authority to misuse your personal data and pray that you don’t fall victim to identity theft.


  • RED PILL – Embrace the Future

This pill is for the adventurous who have the courage to leap towards the future. You are no longer willing to compromise on personal data safety. If you are still wondering “Well, what’s in it for me?”, then let me clarify more about what incredible a deal this is. If you use Presearch to search for the info you are looking for you will earn 8 PRE tokens everyday. I currently use it for all my daily crypto based searches- whether it’s checking the bitcoin price movement or the other altcoins I am interested in. I have made it a regular practice to use it atleast 30 mins everyday and secure my daily limit of 8 PRE tokens. This small change leads to 2920 tokens every year. It is currently set at $0.04 but I am sure during the next bull run it will go well beyond it all time high of $1 and in the coming years it will climb even higher as it gains more popularity among the crypto community. Imagine getting $3,000 to $4,000 a year just for searching the crypto news everyday for 30 mins which I am sure you anyways do through google currently.

If you think you are ready for the Red Pill and want to try Presearch then feel free to use this referral link to get a bonus 25 tokens when you start -





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preview not available Osato Jegede
27 Feb

The tokenization of presearch made it responsive to the people compare Google who continually sells the people Dada with nothing in return 


27 Feb

Very true! These selfish brands will soon be replaced by projects which are focused towards user communities.


27 Feb

That's the right choice :)


Kostas Tsakaloglou
27 Feb

Yes. Red Pill reality.


Hope Ochei
27 Feb

I beleive so much in this post, Presearch have what it takes to put google to a challenge.


27 Feb

That's correct.. Presearch is gonna do very well in the future.


Unwana Sunday Akpan
27 Feb

Wow! So great, and highly insightful information.

Yes, Google has really taken over, but the abuse is an issue i felt they should have worked on to stay afloat the test of time.

To be frank, the new methodology is more awesome, not to mention the blockchain technology aspect linked to it, and the bountiful reward. I know many will love this new invention approaching.

Blockchain technology is really taking over.

Thanks for sharing.



27 Feb

Thanks so much Unwana for the kind feedback. Blockchain surely the future.


Unwana Sunday Akpan
27 Feb

You are highly welcome Sam.

Yes, for sure.



Mick Reade
28 Feb

First time I've heard of this, looks like it's worth checking out.


Sree S
28 Feb

Presearch is an amazing search engine platfrom, i used only PREsearch browser always


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