Predict the correct score and win 50 1up (Manchester City Vs Liverpool).

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Both Manchester City and Liverpool have been the two teams that seem to be more competitive and willing to go the extra mile in trying to win the English Premier League silverware at the end of each season

Last season, both teams were leading the table and so was the previous season. This new season, already Liverpool has managed to comeback from behind to lead the table again from last season after managing to play only 7 games where it has had 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 major lose from Aston Villa.

On the other hand, Pep Guardiolas Mancity has managed to claim 3 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws. With the addition of Ferran Torres, Nathan Ake, and others, Mancity will be looking to secure the first spot on the table despite its current position on the table (10).

This is going to be more of interesting match because both teams will not be willing to lose a point or two from as they struggle for the top spot. Liverpool has made it so clear by adding Diego Jota from Wolverhampton wanderers, Thiago Alcantara from the Bundesliga giants (Bayern Munich), and Takumi Minamino, the Japanese professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder or winger for Red Bull Salzburg before joining Liverpool fc.

With that said, predict the correct score and win 50 1up (Manchester City Vs Liverpool).


  • Each, 1 entry. 

  • Should be correct score at full time. 

  • Do not edit comment after the game has started. 

  • Deadline: Sun, 08/11 (11PM Nigerian time)

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Syeda Ahidam
03 Nov

Wow it's a great opportunity to grab 1up.

I must participate in this Manchester City Vs Liverpool.


Ifeanyi Obasi
06 Nov

How would you know if the comments were edited?... 

Oh screenshots. Anyways I make my entry by predicting a 4goals to 1 in favour of man city😎


Donkyzhang Nobert
03 Nov

@Ifeanyi Obasi, please check your prediction and make it valid enough. 


Ifeanyi Obasi
06 Nov

Yeah I just changed the man united to mancity... But editing is against the rule😪

Anyways I wouldn't have won sha


Esther Akusobi
03 Nov

Wow I love football, but on this one I think the match will be  1-1, because the two teams are very good  and commitment.


Donkyzhang Nobert
08 Nov

Congratulations, you have won yourself 50 1up in the just ended football prediction. 

Please, message directly your erc20 wallet address to claim your reward. 

Thanks for participating. 


Navi Baloch .
03 Nov

I hope i win free 50 1up  this sunday.. I Think 2:1 Manchester will win over Liverpool


Michael Gimba
03 Nov

This will be a tough and difficult game considering both teams have players sideline but, I see City winning Liverpool by 2:1.     







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