Predict the correct score and win 200 1up tokens (Arsenal Vs Aston Villa).

The English Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world today. This makes each team valid for being the best club in the league especially after looking at the previous unusual situations where a team like Leicester City, won the Premier League after returning from the Championship. 

Putting that aside, this current Premier League season is starting to get interesting especially with most of the top sides investing each in their teams with a lot of confidence. Arsenal fc, has been able to solve one of its midfield issues by adding Thomas Partey and also in its defence by adding Gabriel dos Santos Magalhães. These two have been a crucial part in winning the recent match against Manchester united fc in the away game. 

Most people did not consider Arsenal fc to have a chance because a lot of people based on the recent results of Manchester United where it came out victory in both Champions League matches especially against top sides (PSG and RB Leipzig) 

With that being said, in the next fixtures Arsenal is facing Aston Villa in a home match at the Emirates stadium. In their previous last 2 fixtures, both teams had the chance beat the other with each claiming 3 points. 


  • Each, 1 entry. 

  • Should be correct score at full time. 

  • Do not edit comment. 

  • Deadline: Sun, 08/11 (11PM Nigerian time)

  • ​You must be a follower. 




Saeed Sherazi
02 Nov

I didn't expect that. I'm still not sure if everyone in football is addicted to participating in the Premier League, but I will make a prediction. Weapon 3: Aston Villa 1 He made the league his name with his hard work


Junaid Mughal
02 Nov

I see. I'm still not sure if everyone in football is addicted to participating in the Premier League, but I will make a prediction


muhammad waseem Iqbal
02 Nov

I can't watch that league yet but Now Iam just waiting for the final result 😊I Predict 2-2 level ,to enjoy more and after that arsenal should won


Donkyzhang Nobert
02 Nov

Hey @muhammad waseem Iqbal, you should remember to follow all the rules for case of being considered valid before the game begins. I wish you all the best. 


Alagbe Adeniyi
02 Nov

Hopefully arsenal will do better than Aston prediction go thus,

Arsenal 3–1 Aston Villa


Adeiyi Iyiola
02 Nov

Arsenal will beat Aston with Ars2-1 Aston v:Let the countdown begins







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