Praying for quick recovery.....

Earlier today have been having soar throat when I woke. It’s later change to cough combined with running noise. Personally I hate getting sick so quickly ran to the pharmacy to get few drugs thinking it’s was the normal malaria. 

After taken the medications I bought I became a bit strong I thought I could function well in the gym this evening since I gym most evening. 

Unlucky for me after pushing the stone several times I felt serious headache i quit & decided to just sit back & watch then something shocking happened. 

I just woke not too long to see my in the hospital bed my friends said I suddenly fainted & was rush to the hospital where I was admitted. 

I really hate myself right now I just regretted why I went to the gym but in the second I wouldn’t have knew how serious my illness was if I didn’t get to the hospital. 

The doctor had run series of test on me & the result is yet to be come I’m happy am alive & I don’t intend to spend the next 12hours here. 

I really need your prayers at this moment. 



27 Nov

I pray for your speedy recovery dear..

And please next time don't lift weights while on medications.. I telling you from experience..

Well I pray and believe you won't stay hours in the hospital by the grace of Almighty. You will recover soon dear..

Stay healthy.


Tariq Shehzad
27 Nov

In this situation you should follow some simple remedies at home and on alarming situation see your doctor. 

I am praying May God recover you soon.


RinNy Mboro
27 Nov

You'll be alright soon bro

God is with you

Just keep to medical instructions


Ammara Arshad
27 Nov

GOD Keep you healthy and keep you safe from all diseases.

be carefull


Tasleem Mohsin
27 Nov

May you get well soon . I will definitely pray for you. These are very problems nowadays so better keep yourself safe.







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