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I hope you are all good and safe in your homes using uptrennd. 

Prayer ~ what do you think prayer is? 

Prayer is a state of mind when we feel helpless or even not, we put our all struggles, hardships, problems, needs, and demands in the hands of our Allah. With a belief that he will not disappoint us. 

Prayers are another name for mandating our needs with keen beliefs. 

Prayers can be of many types, prayer for success, 

prayer for forgiveness,

prayer for help, 

prayer for money,

prayer for prayer only. 

  • For me, prayer is not an ordinary thing. It's exceptional. 

  • I pray when I want to see my dreams coming true. 

  • I pray when I feel like I have to fulfill her wishes.

  • I pray when I want to put smiles on her face. 

  • I pray when she asks something and I can't fulfill it promptly. 

  • I pray for mothers, siblings, and family. 

Prayer is something we can call universal, whenever we pray for others it will work for ourselves too. 

      ​Midnight prayers:

The most significant prayer I have ever perceived is the one that a person offers at midnight when everyone is sleeping. Those players won't be rejected. They always accomplished. 

​I have a confession:

​I pray to Allah for you in my life forever. 

Whenever you feel alone, bow your head in front of your creator and speak your pain, HE will accept your prayers. And only HE can accept. 

Keep on praying for every reason. 

May your all prayers be answered. 

​Yours only, 

       ​Kamran Akbar 

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Chidiebere Christian
24 Nov

Amen to your prayers. Prayer is a good way of living especially when we pray in season and out of season, we always get confident and it helps us to grow stronger even in bad times


Iqra Tariq
24 Nov

Bow the head in front of the lord he will answer to and after that everything gets solve power of prayer (DUA). 

When eye open at midnight & we pray like a kid & how he answers with a lot of love. Silent prayer gives you a special place. 


Raphzodi Segun
24 Nov

Prayer is the means through which we communicate everything pertaining to us to God, is a way through which we tell all of our grudges and heart desire to our Almighty father knowing fully well that He is going to answer us.

Prayer should be part of us and should be our lifestyle.


Saqib Ali
24 Nov

Prayer is something that changes destiny.And we should all pray when we are in distress and when we ask our Lord for something. We should pray to Allah. Indeed, Allah is the Giver and the Giver.And as we all believe that when we are in shape we pray would solve our problem.We also pray for our success, may our Lord grant us success in this world and in the Hereafter.There is a time for every prayer to be accepted so we should be patient after praying.

And the most important prayer is that we ask forgiveness for our sins.

But one thing that has been noted is that when we wake up at night and pray, Allah Almighty accepts us quickly.Therefore, dua is also necessary because when the weight of dua on the Day of Judgment is greater than all deeds.

So you @Kamran Akbar have reminded us of a good thing that we should never stop praying, we should always pray


George Dee
24 Nov

Prayer is the way I communicate with God, I do mostly by worshipping with praises because I get my father's attention through worship.

It is a very good thing to be a praying person. It's good to always spread the tent of our prayers as well.







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