"Practice makes progress" Done a 3d letter N for bro Naveed Ahmed.

My usual method in doing this kind of art. First, drafted the name of our bro Naveed with my mechanical pencil, i excluded the first letter, as I've done it already in a form of a huge 3d letter N and in blue color.

In this "aveed" i used an art paper with orange color.

Then, trace it with a 0.3 sign pen to make it clearer to see.

Then cut it out using my small cutter. 

I think this is not yet done, i have to add some designs with it, to make it more interesting.

And the letter N looks like very huge, I'm not really sure about the outcome here.

I guess, i needed your good opinion about this artwork of mine guys, especially to bro Naveed Ahmed. What do you think?

Should i add cut-out hearts or something like the Uptrennd logo?

I hope i came up with a good idea for this, so by tomorrow I'll continue to work on it.

Thanks and cheers Uptrenndians!



Bad shah
23 May

Good work  appropriatable

Hope Naveed Ahmed appreciate your work  


Jay Bee
23 May

You are always good at that you do and you do it beautifully well. I love the color combination on the art paper work


Dwightjaden Respondo
23 May

Thank you sis Jay, i just bought my art paper yesterday, i think i'll be using more for practicing my artwork of lettering and cut-out art.


Mayor Faruk
23 May

Wow what a lovely 3d text, I love the font you used, nice concept man, I am sure if Naveed sees it he will love it


Dwightjaden Respondo
23 May

Thank you bro Mayor, of all the fonts this one is hard to cut-out, as all are in curves, I'm happy that I've done it.


Arbind kumar mandal
23 May

.....Practice makes man perfect sir.you are so hard worker.thanks for hard working.


Elizabeth V
23 May

I think instead of placing "aveed" right in the middle, maybe place it down the bottom but make it diagonal, just like what you did in the second to the last image, but don't centre it. If you know what I mean. But overall, it was a neat project. You're really good at doing letter artwork.


Dwightjaden Respondo
23 May

Thanks for that good advice sis Elizabeth, as i'm visualizing it now, maybe i should attach another cardboard on the "aveed" so it will look 3d letters too like the letter N.







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