Ppraying Mantis

The praying mantis is an insect that has been a wonder for ages because of its strange posture and predatory behavior. There are approximately 1,800 species of mantis in the world. The praying mantis is found in many different habitats. They are usually found in warmer regions, especially tropical and subtropical latitudes. Most species live in tropical rainforests, but others can be found in deserts, grasslands, and meadow trees. Different species of praying mantis have varying lifetimes, usually only up to a year. They spend six months of this year as adults. They can be between 2.5 and 15 centimeters long, depending on the species. You will be surprised what signs there are in him who can see.

1. Praying mantis is an insect that never wastes, whatever it catches wings, legs, tail, etc. without saying: It teaches us a lesson on saving.

2. The mantis attacks everything regardless of its size: It teaches us a lesson of courage.

3. He does not look so much that he attacks his size, anything he detects a threat: Do not be afraid, the mantis says to us.

4. Often, this courage takes his life: Follow your dream no matter what, the mantis says.

5. It doesn't matter in the air, in the water or on the land, it runs after its bread: The mantis defines perseverance for us.

6. It lurks for hours without moving: The mantis shows us the importance of patience.

7. When attacking, it shows itself larger by opening its front legs: It teaches us to behave according to the conditions you are in.

8.After mating, female mantis: show us how important children are

9. It is the only insect that can turn its head to its side: it tells us the importance of perspective.

10. Some scientists say that it is a mistake to consider it in the normal insect class, it needs a separate classification: It reminds us of the importance of being the best in your business.

11. The insect, in which the female is much larger and more imposing than her male: It makes us feel the value of women.

12. No matter how hard it is, they never give up: It tells us the virtue of being insistent and breaking what they hold.

13. It is indispensable for organic farming as it eats pests: It teaches us not to shit the bowl you eat.

14. Although he is so elegant and delicate, he is very strong for his size: He says that looks are deceiving to us.

15. Do not have enemies, of course: It teaches us to be alert at all times.

16. There are martial arts styles named after it: It tells us success.

17. Fiery prophet, lustful, passionate: shows us the power of passion.

Praying mantis go through three life stages: egg, nymph, and adult. For smaller species, eggs can hatch within 3-4 weeks; on the contrary, for larger species, 4-6 weeks may be in eggs. Nymphs can be a different color from adults, and the early stages are often mimics of the ant. A mantis nymph grows larger than when shedding its exoskeleton. Depending on the rifle, molting can occur five to ten times before reaching the adult stage. Most species have wings after the last molt, but some genera remain wingless, especially in the female sex.







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