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Positive influence Of Social Media

Trenndians greetings!

In today's world almost every body using social media less or more. It is almost 20 years ago people were connected to socialize with very less options. But as technology grew , social media Makes its roots more strong and deeper. Today the information about world are under our fingers.we are connected to the people around the globe.we are sharing our information , images , videos , documents to people through it. 

Social media has a huge positive influence in our life we are going inspired , influenced by the things.

👉Social media playing a vital role in the politics of any country. It gives penetrations to voice and access to huge audience in less times. What we are looking now that every one talking about politics in gathering. It is due to sources of media for stack holders to convey Thier opinions instantly and made their mindset accordingly.

👉Social media becomes a essential part of economic value to any country. How much people got empowerment and employment generated this section. May be in millions reduced the unemployment .

👉Social media gives boost to marketing and sales as a manufacturer getting his costumers around the globe . Same costumers are getting Verity , preview of products and even now paying the cost through it.  Traditional physical stores are replacing by virtual stores and products flying over the boundaries of the country.

👉Social media gives a new dynamics in education. Especially this Covid19 pandemic gives opportunity to it more. Far learning and online classes gets possibility because of this . It becoming new hub for online earnings as lot of sites paying its users against the engagement. Uptrennd is one of them which pays in its tokens against the engagement of its users in shape of 1up.

👉Social media is best for innovation , creativity and learning. It providing better opportunities to the people who are skilled by presenting their work to millions of people. 

Thank you so much for reading.

@Amjad Ali Waince 

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20 Apr

Not long ago, when people became addicted to social media, it was considered a bad thing.  Because people used to waste a lot of their time But today we know that social media has great power and through media awareness man power can be created within any nation.

 It is considered to be the most important thing in the success of a society.

And we see that whatever is happening in the world is reached by the power of social media.


Ishmael Kelechi
20 Apr

The roles of social media on humans cannot be I emphasized. Even though there are many cases of abuse on social media like nudity, pornography, and a whole more, it is one of the easiest ways of getting trending issues and follow up on world happenings. 


Zeehsan Ashraf
20 Apr

Social media has both effect

Bad and good.

Sometimes social media influence us and some time cause depression. 

But social media is best for invitation, creating, sharing experience and Many of more.


Muhammad Naveed
20 Apr

Social media is a best market to show your skills and talent but you need to use it positively and always learn something and show your talent and skills to the whole world and millions of people


Shmily Gul
20 Apr

Not anything bad or good itself. Our way of uses makes it good or bad. 

And we know it very well what's good or bad.

Thank you 







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