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Hey there Uptrennd family, the world is going mad right now, society pushed to the edge of reason and sanity. All systems that we relied on in the past or thought were immutable and thus could support us, are caving and buckling under the revolutionary spirit. The world is revolting, as funny as that sounds.

Anger is in the air, engineered, or otherwise. And it is at these times in history – when all others are losing their moral compass, that we need to keep an even keel and be willing to rise up to claim our sovereignty if necessary. 

Freedom is not free, it has to be fought for sometimes. And when society is pushed to the brink while seeing their freedoms usurped, then they will flinch under the oppression. Yet the sanest thing to do in claiming our sovereignty and self-respect, might be to remove ourselves from the collapsing social structure.

Well here on the south Cape coast of remote Africa, we can do just that. Here at the southernmost stretch of the African coastline, there is an abundance of warm sunshine and fresh sea air, with miles of wide open space. All our problems regarding health, wealth and survival, are instantaneously met here.

Furthermore, this is the ideal place to find peace and tranquility for meditation and introspection. It is in a space like this that one can be centered and balanced within, and thereby experience a full brain gamma experience, while empowering oneself to express the full potential of our human form of life. Everything is here for a healthy existence, and no one can take it away. At least not without a fight. And there is plenty of space so there is no need to fight. 

I am a total dreamer and visionary, and I don’t worry about the past or the future but aim to stay in the present. With long term plans in place for survival, I can live day to day, as if every day is a holiday, a free agent and a sovereign human being. 

If there is pressure from outside sources to exit this bubble of bliss, then I attack it full on, like a lion on the African plain. Life here is simple and sublime, close to nature, surrounded by pure open land, sea and air. It is these simple things in life that make me opulent in today’s world. 

Wealth is a state of consciousness, a perception of reality in the moment. When we see the beauty and opulence of the things around us all the time that we take for granted, then we realize how wealthy we can be, regardless of the riches we may or may not possess. 

I wish you health and strength of spirit in these current times of change and revolution within the consciousness of humanity. Keep the goal in mind and reach for your highest self. We already have within us all that we need to survive and attain great heights of bliss. Tap in to the nature around you like I do here and then feel the power of your human consciousness, as it allows you the opportunity to glimpse the infinite in the grains of sand as well as the stars in the cosmos above.

(photos my own)



Aman Arora
20 Nov

True words. We all have unique strengths and well equipped with all what is needed for survival. Just need to get the things sync with planning. Be in the present and live the life as there is no tomorrow. Cheers for the advice. Thoughts well presented.


XxX offiong
20 Nov

Wishing you same, for those that seek nature peace and relaxation this is perfect

No matter the situation, I think it is best we try and recreate our own atmosphere 


Maham Choudry
20 Nov

Looking so beautiful view


Ekrem Colak
20 Nov

Congratulations on writing a great summary again. The state of the world: summary! The concept of freedom called democracy: it exists to solve the problems outlined above. However: as someone who reads the 3 books he wrote, when I watched as Mr. TRUMP distribute the title deeds of PALESTINE lands, believe me, I fell in "DEEPTION" !!! I don't know much about Mr. BIDEN, who was chosen instead. But I am hopeful of the Vice President, Miss: Kamala HARRIS. Insha'Allah I will not be wrong this time. It's not too late for everything! But I have to start somewhere before. Achievements Miss:HARRIS. Thanks again for this wonderful post.







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