Politics and media💭

Acknowledge or not but this is a drastic reality; each political party is funding specific media groups to promote their feats and to defend their corruption and other illicit activities. You may discern some channels speaking audibly that they are protesters of justice and will disclose the reality but internally they all are only formulating the public like a fool by giving them only temporary announcements related to some controversy.

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So why the political parties ought to do this act;
To make us fool ???
Yeah, the probability is there. The whole of the politics revolves around the gain of power by hook or crook and in this quest, they will not permit anyone to raise suspicion on them. Thereby only lending the minute peek at their errors is done by using the power of media.

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In South Asia this trend is common; many movies are there to underline this point.

Let me give you one more peek picture;

their single act for the welfare becomes on top trend for days, but their corruption trials do not even get the trending of limited hours.

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So wake up people; don't depend on others to feed your psyche.
What do you understand;

Are the political parties encouraging their own media circle??




Hina G
25 Nov

Political parties having their own media mouthpieces is not an ... between media and politicians has been quite convenient for promoting their ... circle, we see politicians taking over media stakes for using it to their advantage


Ayesha Malik
25 Nov

No doubt they are using the power of media for the advertisement of their viewpoint.

We have to wake up our senses to judge the right.


Tanveer Mukhtiar Malik
25 Nov

Without media, a politician can not win the election. Media is a necessary part of politics. They feed our minds with the qualities of a politician. 

Now Social Media is doing this work than mainstream media. Social Media compains work this and feed the minds of people according to their campaign. 


Ayesha Malik
25 Nov

You got my point exactly;

Politicians are getting advertisement through social media;

And they are much successful to feed the stuff of their interest into the minds of public.

Thanks for your contribution 👍


Hasnat Ahmed
25 Nov

The media has complete freedom. And politicians use the media to achieve their goals. And receive the attention of the public. The media is also used to divert public attention from an important point. The media should be impartial and deliver factual news to the people and not become a toy in the hands of political parties.


Ayesha Malik
25 Nov

Absolutely, right media should be unbiased;

As they have a vital role to influence the psyche of the public.



Ifeanyi Obasi
25 Nov

since their attempt to gag the media has failed repeatedly, most politicians have resorted to owning their private media to help cover their tracks and promote their activities that's why i don't listen to any particular media... Rather I have many


Vincent Isibor
25 Nov

Yeah. The media is a powerful tool that can be used to drive change. In some cases some politicians have hoodwink the media for their advantage.







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