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At this time in the world, man is at a turning point where there is material life on one side and digital material world on the other. Man's entry into the digital world will bring many benefits as well as many problems and challenges. Some challenges have just emerged, the most important of which are scammers.

Scammers are people who make money on the Internet through fraud. These people are very intelligent and cheat very cleverly.

There are different types and types of procedures.

Here are some popular ways.

phishing ... this way they can steal your personal information from you.

Remote access scam : In this case they will gain access to your computer.

Hacking : This method allows them to steal your information by accessing your computers, mobiles and personal digital devices through security vulnerabilities۔

Malware or ransomware

In this case, they ask you to install software that will steal your information or lock your computer and demand money.

Fake online profile.

They can steal personal information by creating fake profiles and bcoming friends on various social media websites

They can do anything with this information using your name. From theft to purchases, they can take out a loan by creating a bank account in your name.

The most important thing I want to say is that you are on a platform where points are money and they can steal your points.

Now the most important thing I want to say is how to avoid them?

It is very difficult to avoid such attacks if they happen. This is the age of digital currency, so such attacks are a must. Failure to strengthen your security system could result in significant financial losses.

The following are some of the symptoms of such an attack.

You are not able to sign in to any of your accounts.

Some money is missing from your bank account.

You are receiving various purchase bills.

Have contacts with major businessmen in your contact history, Although you don't know them.

You have installed some strange software and then your computer starts to crash.

Or there may be many more such signs.

Let's see how these attacks can be avoided.

The first precaution is to keep changing your password every few days.

Never install any software that asks you to install it manually.

Confirm that a company or individual communicates with you through government or the private sector.

Protect your system with antivirus.

Do not use sensitive information systems via public computers or public Wi-Fi.

Always keep your sensitive things locked.

Do not share your valuable information with anyone from a public computer.

In addition, there are a number of steps that can be taken to protect your content. May Allah bless you.

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Salim Ansari
22 Jan

Scammers are everywhere in the world 


Samina Khan
22 Jan


Wow you have explained it very well...yeah agree with you nowadays scammers and hackers are everywhere...

Thanks for sharing an amazing and informative post....your information will help us...

Stay blessed✨


Muhammad Iqbal
22 Jan


It is most risky website which has points and points are money.

So we need to be careful regarding scamming.


Wajeeha Attiq
23 Jan

Very informative post 

Here is Google ethenticator App 

Authy that u can use to secure your accounts


Muhammad Iqbal
23 Jan

Oh thank you for adding this information but we should not trust completely n any application that can be hacked.


Wajeeha Attiq
24 Jan

Yes u are right but chances of hacking can decrease may be 


Muhammad Jalal Khan
28 Feb

I think you are right brother.







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