I have heard that people see it with their own eyes

 So they stayed in his city for a few days

 Heard it has to do with bad situations

 So they try to destroy themselves

 I have heard that the customer of pain is his proud eye

 So we also pass by his street

 I have heard that he also has a passion for poetry

 So we also see miracles in our art

 I have heard that when they speak, flowers fall from their words

 That's it, let's talk and see

 I have heard that the moon watches him at night

 The stars look down from the sky

 I have heard that butterflies bother him during the day

 I have heard that Jagnu stays and watches at night

 I have heard that his gazelle-like eyes are doomsday

 I have heard that deer see it all over the desert

 I have heard that his cockles are more than night

 Heard the shadows pass in the evening

 I have heard that its black glow is the Hour

 So the sellers look at it with a sigh

 I heard roses burn from his lips

 So we blame Bihar

 I have heard that the mirror is an example of this

 Those who are simple-hearted see it as Bin Sunoor

 I have heard since she was pregnant in her neck

 The mood is the same

 I have heard it with my own eyes

 The angle of the bed looks at his waist

 I have heard that his body shape is like this

 That flowers see their tribes cut

 He is tall but not mean

 That flowers bloom on this tree

 Just a glance at the caravan of the heart

 So the inhabitants also see desire with fear

 I have heard that Paradise is connected with its Shabbats

 Bees also see the light from here and there

 When it stops, the rotations circumambulate it

 Let's wait and see

 Who has the good fortune to see him without legs?

 Sometimes we see the door and the wall of the house

 The stories are all exaggerated

 If it is a dream, let's interpret it

 Now stay in his city to coach

 Let's see the stars travel

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Zarish Soomro
11 Aug

wow amazing and beautiful poem i like it very much great and wonderful words heart touching lines in poetry thanks for sharing this post


Musharraf Aziz
11 Aug

Wow! It is amazing and nice picture.In this I have no words for smile of couple.


Sajid Hussain
16 Aug

Wow it's good poem awesome work you done 







All things poetry.


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