Plant Sculpture II

Good morning to you...  This is the second post showing the gallery of plant sculpture boss... 

As you've all known that I'm an Artist,  Art is my spirit, my food, my emotion, my passion etc.  There different kind of sculpture, some use iron to carve, some use plants and especially; flower...  

 Now as an Artist, I'm fully ready to branch into plant sculpture because I always love its inspiration..  These are some of the works in my boss gallery... 

   In my next post, I'll be showing you more work of my boss... 

  ##follow me to view more of it

##I'm proud to be Artist ✌

 Image source: my boss gallery  



Affan Mughal
21 Aug

You have done wonders like this and this is my one thought to make this kind of decorating plants....


Ubaidullah Khan
21 Aug

Wow so beautiful art and it look like real photos I appreciated to this artist 


Najeeb Raza🇵🇰
21 Aug

Wow such a beautiful view of this amazing Nature i really like this 

I appreciate your Photography skill keep the success in your hand stay blessed


Saqib Sadiq
21 Aug

Wow it's so delicious and hear touching view I like it and it's maker is so work hard I know


King Miracle
21 Aug

This is an awesome art work. I love art a lot too. Keep doing what you love most and be proud of it. God bless you 







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