All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” expresses the idea that working constantly and making no time for enjoyment makes one bored and boring.


Having series of fun work makes it more relaxing and enjoying seeing that we need to laugh out our stress and anxiety.

   We always have fun at the end of every week assignment but this time is a party not just a normal party it's a PIRATE PARTY wooooooot seriously I have never in my entire life go for a pirate party, that makes me wonder what kinda constume are we going to wear hmmmm🤔🤔 this thought grab me..... momma [@Tiger Lily] what am I wearing for this party?  momma kept silent,  really no constume hehehehe am super excited hahaha.

   We are going for a pirate hunt on the Captain's ship, Aye Captain off we go!! 

I'm ready coming yaaaay hehehehe 😂😂


I am accepting the pirate party wholeheartedly, I can't afford to lose that fun and gist. It's going to be fun sailing with the captain on her ship with lot's of tips and pranks hehehehe, am not joking she got a lot in her closet lmao 🤣🤣🤣 don't fail to be there.......

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Ashfaq Muhammad Khan
27 Nov

That's pretty cool. Partying with friends give you amazing happiness and wisdom. 

The pirate party should be something different which I came to know for the first time.


Cesca Jove
27 Nov

Thanks dearie ... indeed partying with friends is a lot more fun , it's my first time to hanging out for a pirate party absolutely gorgeous woah.


Oneray I.
27 Nov

Hahaha. Will I be part of a pirate crew for the first time?

Will I stop being on dry land to sail the 7 seas?

Definitely yes; That is in my blood and I have definitely learned from the most beautiful and splendid captain of all time.

So, right now I prepare my backpack to sail when everything is ready for the party.


ifeoma enudu
27 Nov

This is going to fun to the fulliest. A pirate party you said, please, don't dress too sexy and  beware of the pirates, for they may be out to hunt for the gypsys. Have fune dear,  do have a happy sailing. Don't forget to give us the juicy details.


Cesca Jove
27 Nov

Lol 🤣.....sexy you say hehehehe..... am definitely going to look better than any another person 😆😆........and as for the hunt hmmm I know it can get tricky ..... whenever the party is all over there will be feedback.


Saviour Essien
27 Nov

Sail with caution dear i don’t really trust the pirate there might get nasty at any time anyway enjoy your party dear 


Cesca Jove
27 Nov

Hehehe you need not to worry about me on this ship am so safe you might as well come along..... it's going to be mad fun....


Gotty King
27 Nov

I was thinking of this post while looking at it, then I realized uptrennd university is much more than anything else. The kitty on the Harley looks too cool.

Good read, I loved it! If I'm able to join the party I'll be honoured to attend.

Bless up!







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