Pi Network: How Do I Add Users to My Security Circle?

Hi everyone! I wrote another article for Pi Network to help members of my earning team that were having trouble. I figured that other people might also need help with it, too. I hope you find it useful information!

I spend a lot of time in the Pi Network app answering questions that members of my earning group have. One question that I’m frequently asked is: “how do I add users to my security circle?”. If you want to DOUBLE your mining rate, it is crucial that you complete your Security Circle. This guide will show you how.

Read The Full Guide Here:




Technically Product
29 Sep

Thanks, this was a useful guide! I don't think many of my friends would be interested in/understand crypto though, so I am a bit reluctant to tell them about Pi.


Samuel Patchet
13 Nov

This is a great beginner's guide to setting up a security circle! However, it seems that there are some issues in the app when attempting to add people who are in you mobile contacts list that you don't appear to address.  For example, I've successfully recruited both my wife and my brother to join the app, but for some reason they both get an error when trying to add each other to their security circles when using the add from contacts feature.  This appears to be a bug, as I've seen other users across the internet reporting the same issue.  I have not tried within the last couple weeks to see if the issue is resolved, but if you have any information on this issue that could be helpful, I would appreciate the assistance.







Pi Network (PI) is one of the first cryptocurrencies that users can mine on their mobile devices. Launched in 2019 by three Stanford graduates, PI cryptocurrency quickly gained popularity among users.


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