Photography Contest ~ 1000 1UP's for GRABS

So we are here with another contest and this time we have "Creative Photography Contest". It's been a time I haven't seen creative photography on Uptrennd so let's start posting Creative snaps now. Remember no blurred images, flowers, sky pictures. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Create a post on "Creative Photography" picture should be your own Captured also you've to define "What makes you capture that snap?" "The story behind the photograph" in post description with hashtags #PhotographyContest #photooftheday #Uptrennd #1uptomoon 

  • Blurred pictures, Flower photographs, random sky pictures, selfies are not allowed in this contest. 

  • Post that Uptrennd Post link on Twitter with hashtags and mention 👇 @N4V1111 @Uptrennd #PhotographyContest #photooftheday #Uptrennd #1uptomoon

  • Comment down your Uptrennd Post Link Twitter tweet link under this post 

(Guardians are allowed to participate but won't be among winners) 

Deadline: 17th January, Sunday 6 PM UTC

Contest Reward ~ 1000 1UP's 

Winners are selected by putting eligible entries in the wheel of spin. So 3 lucky winners will get 300 1UP's each and among them EDITED User who promoted their entry at most social media platforms will get 100 1UP as a bonus :)

This is Optional 

As we have so many Exciting contests running right now and major events including Uptrennd App launch is coming soon too. So I'll encourage you guys to post your contest entries with hashtags defined above to all known social media platforms (Like Some Examples of Platforms: Facebook, Instagram,,, Swirge, Tipestry, Hive, Torum, Publish0x, Medium etc) for better outreach and drop-down link to show your loyalty towards your platform. 

Don't Miss out...

I'll be checking all entries on daily basis and spreading them all over other social media platforms so you don't have to worry about anything you'll be getting a better chance of engagements by participating in Uptrennd Contest that's why I always advise to newbies also to oldbies never miss any contest :) 🥳 

Deadline: 17th January, Sunday 6 PM UTC 


👇 Tweet 👇

Like/Retweet/Quote to show your support. 


^ N 4 V 1 ~

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Aiman Malik
12 Jan

Thank you for providing such an easy and exciting opportunity. It is great opportunity for all uptrennd users. I will definitely participate the contest. Thank you for sharing information sir....


Adegbe Gift
12 Jan

Wow! This will be so great, fo a long time I have not been seeing post about photography, after serious warning from the guardians about flower and nature photography that doesn't have good quality description. Glad to see this contest 


Merit Ahama
12 Jan

Awesome another wonderful contest from our guardian and I am sure going to participate in this and spread the word all over social media. 

Thanks for this opportunity, I really appreciate it. 


Hania Noor
12 Jan

Its great opportunity for all of us and specialy for me as I'm much interested in photography and this weekend we have a family tour that i could avail...

Thanks dear @navi for such a prestigious contest.....

I think it will enhance our skills as well...


Bilal Ahmad
12 Jan

After few months here you organized a photography contest .well we are excited about it .you know there are so many natural lover working on Uptrennd .😍 I try my best to captured something unique to make a entry for your contest navi bro . And I do it optional task as well.

Stay blessed buddy.


preview not available Navi .
12 Jan

Not only nature photography. You can post any type of photograph that must be creative have good description too :) 


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