Persistence - The true secret to longevity of a fashion brand
Welcome Back Fellow Trenndians

Yes, I run a clothing label. Fashion brand. Merchandising company. Yes. It is all of these. And it is close to death
I will not let it die, let me tell you why.
See what I did there? Totally intentional.
The story of KWAI!, yes the very name you see in my profile pic. The very brand that is embedded in the title of my podcast,

What’s KWAI! Or Not?. It is a Afrikaans Cape Coloured word, meaning cool, great or awesome. If you came to anyone in South Africa, and said That’s KWAI!, you would be showing them appreciation for what they did, say or show. This is where my brand has helped me see the importance of what real 
persistene is.

There has been countless times that I have wanted to throw in the towel with regards to running this business and here I am, refusal to quit after

refusal to quit. The universe actually likes things that nagging like me. Think of mosquitoes. So small, yet so irritating. Thats me and people like
me. The mosquitoes of the human race. We always persist. Try and throw a blanket over yourself. Wont help. Ok sorry let me get back to the

Knowing that a business can fail at any time is a good indicator for when to quit. But to me it was a green light to find out how the business can be saved. And after all these years, the only true thing that kills any business, is when the owner quits. The owner decides to not pursue the venture anymore and bails. This happened to many fashion brands of South Africa during the 90s. Cape Town had an enormous fashion industry that was killed through government meddling in the 2000s. Much like this lockdown, those change of times killed business who were not ready. But if you

were aware that these traps were out there, and you found ways to identify the true dangers to business, then you would not take a pandemic
this by quitting, you find out what if the business is actually dead. And I must say, having a small business like I do, might have been the only way 
to survive this pandemic. And it has.

The wonderful thing about fashion is the flexibility, there is literally so much that can be done with very little capital. You could have a custom

tshirt made, take a photo in it, if someone likes it, you could sell a similar one to them for a fixed price, if you get 10 people who would buy it from you, thats your first minimum order quantity at any business involved in fashion or clothing. This is how I started. But not how I wanted to
continue. So production has been halted, until I formulate my aesthetic. The brand’s style needs to be constructed properly and from the ground
up otherwise the longevity of the brand will not last. And I am ever patient, because my business does not die with no income, it dies when I
decide not to pursue it anymore.

Running this clothing brand has been a wild ride. It has been really taxing but I also feel that I learned the proper way, through trial and error,

through pain, sweat and tears. I’ll be damned to give it up. See that? That is persisitence that has taken over the host. Thats called crazy. But
crazy is good, if its unique. Which brings me to reveal the community into which I will be publishing the last post of the day. You may have noticed how I started defending craziness? I had to but not here, I think Psychology is where I will wage my war for the insane.

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Stay safe, stay healthy, stay trennding!!!


Mfoniso Michael
02 Feb

Nothing can kill our brand except our refusal to keep up the work. I got that from your post, and I have printed it in my heart.

I believe that your brand would grow to the desired height with the strength and vigour you're exuding while talking about it.


Curtis Williams
02 Feb

Thanks Mfoniso, I do believe that the time has come. And I will continue to speak with strength and vigour like you noted. 

Much appreciative of the engagement.


Oldschool Wrestlingdesires
06 Feb

I like that you never give up :) You will do well in crypto too!


Nathaniel GB
07 Feb

If it's your passion don't let it die! Remember that just after the darkest part of the night comes the dawn. Peace.







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