For scientists and theologians, 20:56 GMT of February 23, 2021 will be a moment time stood still when history is written. At that moment, it was confirmed that Perseverance, NASA's Mars rover had set it's wheels on the dusty Jazero depression on Mars after thundering down nearly half a billion kilometers to thread a needle at that remote point. 

But threading a needle so far away is the least of the issues here, for Perseverance is on Mars to finally answer a question and that answer will shake the world. Essentially the mission will pass a verdict on how life originated and prove if a soup of methane seething in a sulphuric volcanic broil can accidentally  braid itself into a protein molecule which can further complicate itself into ribonucleoproteins that later formed the Dioxy-ribonucleic acid or DNA, the molecule of life, or it will show that this wasn't the case at all but life evolved through means science does not yet understand. 

Perseverance is in Martial Jezaro plains, an ancient depression (impact crater actually) that harboured a vast lake, to find if there are fossils there. The location is splendid and there cannot be a better location. If there ever was life in Mars, a former lake would definitely be warehousing the proof. There will be microfossils of some sorts, openly or discoverable through some sophisticated fossil forensics for which the probe is well equipped. If such evidence is conclusive, it will mean there isn't much special in animation, which we call life. It means life could really be a wonderful accident that is not peculiar to Planet Earth. Theologians and Believers like me will have questions on our hands. If Perseverance doesn't find life, the case of special creation will receive a lot more attention from secularists. It shouldn't be long before data starts to come in and the interpretation shouldn't take a lot more than a year.

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Kelvin Ajah
22 Feb

I appreciate the efforts of scientists in cause of their curiosity for knowledge but the fact that every living thing was created by God is a fact and still stands. However, there is no harm in scientists trying to give explanation behind the existence of life 


Endeme Tariah
22 Feb sincerely lost... 







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