People like snakes never Change

Hello uptrenndians hope all of you are fine and wish that you all have a super and fabolus Sunday and hope  you will enjoy every single moment of it.

So let's start.

There are people in the society who always want to be negative. Anything don't effect them because their nature is like that.

Some people want them to change but I think they can't because those people minds don't want to enter positive things in their minds.

Those people thinking starts and ends on negativity and they always want evils, bad things in the society. And the reason is that their mental growth from the start was bad. They sits in the bad company and their minds cannot accept positivity.

Because their minds become habitual to bad deeds and you only do that by let them do what they are doing and don't disturb them.

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Ali Bhai
28 Nov

The people around us which looks so sweet and polite in actually many of them are snakes who only give us grief


Madiha Maan
28 Nov

Some people think as much as I understand but their thinking is negative and they always think that they never change themselves but they pretend that we will change ourselves but they don't do it to show everyone They say such people are like snakes, they should be avoided


Dr. Numan Tariq
28 Nov

Yes these type of people are here in each society... They are just to see negativities... Positivities don't attract them.... What you do for them doesn't matter for them... They are only in search for negative comments.. 


Syeda Ayesha
28 Nov

you are right dear, 

there are too many people around us, who just think about their own self and their own favour but not for others  they can never be our true friends and can never change their nature.

they will never be back even to harm you, and to do bad deeds


Rizwan Khan
28 Nov

Yes, you are right, some people in our society Have negative attitude.But we should keep positive attitude to them.One day they will realize.Positive thinking makes humans awesome.


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