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Pencil sketch of our beloved guardian~ ARSLAN~

Hello beautiful people. I hope everyone is fine and doing good.

I know I am not pro in making sketches but today I made a sketch of our Guardian  Arslan.

Though the sketch is not perfect but I have tried a little. 

His photo has been taken from his Telegram Profile picture without his permission. 

So, pardon me Sir if I have done wrong by not asking for your permission. 🙏

I used simple led pencil in making this sketch. 

So.., yaa, This is it. I hope you all liked it.😊

preview not available

Header image made by me.



Idongesit Ubong
11 Apr

I encourage you to do better.  Keep learning more about drawing. 


Hira Tahir
11 Apr

Seriously! I'm not able to handle this.... You know what I also tried @Arslan 's sketch and I also made the same as you did🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

But the thing is he loved that sketch and for sure he will love it too. 


Hajra Choudry
11 Apr

Sorry but i was just going fo die 😿

Please people are too sensitive dont draw these type of skteches ...

I was joking dont mond it was just good keep drawing but don't make it public 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Zulfiqar Ali Samoo
11 Apr

Your best effort, you have prepared the sketches of every charming Guardian Mr. Arslan, you have done well, your hand will be fine by doing so, and whatever artwork you do, will be much better. 


Ayesha Malik
11 Apr

First of all buddy how much time have you taken to accomplish this endeavor?

As I am not a sketch artist thereby I can't interpret your work critically: but for me, it's an awesome accomplishment✅

One thing I have notified eyes have a bigger size than the actual one😂🤩 

Well done I was trying to make you smile ❤

Good to see you.







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