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15 May
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Pencil portrait of our CEO Jeff.

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Jeff Kirdeikis 1 month ago

That is amazing! Thank you! I'm happy to pay the price of the drawing!
2,000 1UP donated!

Okeegbe Oluwatobiloba 1 month ago


I wish i can meet you in person some days;

You are indeed a motivation to Many;

Thanks a lot for being a real Vibes...

The image is so amazing;

Dont stop being a motivation to our Generation

Bestender Games 1 month ago

I created promotional video on my channel it reached over million views

BitcoinBluesBrothers BBB 1 month ago

Holy cowz that's huge. nice work. Congratulations over 1 million views are huge. Could you please post the link for us all to see and get more views. I would love to share your video out to the masses. Anything that is Uptrennd promotional is gold in my opinion.

AGIT Pessu 1 month ago

HONOURABLE CEO a closed mouth is a closed destiny from where I am from and this kind gesture should not also pass me by please sir I need my own 1UP donation to BLESS me sir.

Muhammad Ali 1 month ago

Everyone has Talent in Himself. It's Blessing of God.Those who recognize himself become succeed in life.

Its a good jod.keep it up .

ABC _ 1 month ago

Sir you update you DP with this pencil art. 

carlos torres 1 month ago

Thank you, CEO jeff ,  I made the drawing as a way of thanking the great community that it has created and the truth is that I did not expect the donation that it made, it really surprised me. Thank you :)

August Elijah 1 month ago

Wow this is really beautiful 

Sir  Jeff needs to see this.

Great art work 

Akintunde Hussein 1 month ago

It's amazingly crafted. I hope @Jeff Kirdeikis is seeing this. He will definitely love it. Keep it up bro

Abdul Manan 1 month ago

I can't believe that it is drawn with pencil.It is so amazing

Laiba Afzal 1 month ago

It's amazing! 

Please share your more work with us :)







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