The stories we've heard of the good old days

When life was beautiful and worth living

The humanity and love shown

The care and concern for one's neighbor

The unity and strength

The peace and tranquility

That made everyone feel like a part,

A part of something bigger

Something worth fighting for 

These stories we heard

Often made us wonder

The possibilities of having all these again

Loving one another irrespective of 

our culture, tribe or religion

A peaceful coexistence

without fear of your neighbor

A trust in the government

Knowing that it cares about your plight

These stories make us question

The possibilities of having it all back

A new world

A new era

A new beginning

Where the Igbos will not be afraid of the Yorubas

And the Hausa will not feel entitled

To a country that is ours to build and reform

The compatriots arose

A call to build they have responded 

Our own narrative to give

For we must also tell our children

How great a nation Nigeria is

How we served with love, strength and faith

The labours of our youths will not be in vain

For tis all in a bid to build

One nation, bound in freedom

Peace and unity!!




22 Oct

I tell you dear Zizy forget the good old days because the new better era is coming for NIGERIA 🇳🇬 because the past few days has shown true Patriots by Nigerians and this is a really good start for a new era dear...

Beautiful peotry dear..


Chucks Samuel
22 Oct

I do pray and also wish that peace and unity will be restored to every part of Nigeria. Oh Nigeria!!! My fatherland! Why hasn't thou choosen to become a land of dispute?!?? I pray thee this day that you become as peaceful as the Night time when there would be no troubles.


Itz Ayomi
22 Oct

When we are in unity peace reign, we really need to help ourselves in Nigeria by been in unity so that peace will reign in our country


Dr Sana
22 Oct

Yes you are very correct at all.

In my opinion both of these qualities run simultaneously to each other as we unity to each others and strength to each other then no one can harm us and there's always retain Peace.



Asfand Khan
22 Oct

Wow vary nice meaningful lines we need to live with unity and strengthen our nation and that will be possible by unity and truthfulness 







All things poetry.


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